BSc/MSc theses, research projects, student assistantships and team projects offered.

BSc/MSc Theses, Research Projects, Practicals and Student Assistantships

BSc/MSc theses projects, research projects, practicals and student assistantships offered by the Autonomous Vision Group.

Team Projects (BSc)

Team projects for BSc students offered by the Autonomous Vision group.


Team Project Instructor
Summer 2023 Image Augmentation Katja Schwarz
Summer 2023 Image Augmentation Zehao Yu
Summer 2023 Editing Images with Text Shaofei Wang
Winter 2022/2023 Head-controlled Flappy Bird Christian Reiser
Summer 2022 Editing Images with Text Axel Sauer
Summer 2022 Image Augmentation Katja Schwarz
Winter 2021/2022

Image Search

Axel Sauer
Summer 2021 Image Search Dr. Yiyi Liao