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The Digital Anthropology Lab at the University of Tübingen is a research lab devoted to the ethnography of everyday digital cultures. Our members investigate how people live with digital technologies and how those technologies shape their lives in return. We work with ethnographic and interdisciplinary methods to shed light on everyday digital practices within wider societal and technological environments.

The Lab is part of the Ludwig Uhland Institute (LUI) for Historical and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Tübingen. There it serves as an interdisciplinary hub connecting digital anthropologists from Germany and Europe, creating synergies between different fields of research, and advancing digital anthropology as a whole.

The Lab develops perspectives in digital anthropology that build upon the strengths of “Empirische Kulturwissenschaft” (“Historical and Cultural Anthropology”), a discipline with a strong focus on the ethnographic and historical analysis of everyday cultures. At the same time, the Lab integrates approaches from science and technology studies (STS), media anthropology, visual anthropology, anthropology of technology, media studies, information science and the growing field of digital humanities.

By bridging multiple fields in historical and cultural anthropology, we also create unique areas of concentration. Currently, these include (among others) the digital transformation of museums and cultural heritage, digital popular cultures, populism and digital truth-making, and the cultures of artificial intelligence.

The Lab’s work takes place during the academic year (October–February; April–July) in regular sessions that combine face-to-face meetings and digital participation. The sessions take place on Thursdays from 4:15pm to 5:45pm. Researchers and students who would like to participate as guests are always welcome, whether in-person or online. Please contact us ahead of time via email.

The Lab offers guests the opportunity to introduce their own work in the area of digital anthropology. The group’s sessions are designed less for formal presentations and more for exchanges about ongoing work, for critical reflection, for discussing open questions, and for showing collegial support.


Wintersemester 2022/ 23

Nov 3rd

Vanessa Zallot, Lucerne: "Knowledge-making and temporalities in interactive documentaries"

Nov 17th

Dr. Maja Sawicka, Warsaw: “Emotion regulation in digital interactions: emotional underpinnings of a socio-technical cybercrime assemblage "

Dec 1st  

Melanie Haberl, Vienna: „The Virtual Anthropologist? Potentials and limitations of doing research with chatbots"

Dec 15th

Clara Rohloff, Tübingen: "Vlogging on YouTube"

Jan 12th


Jan 19th Exchange with Workshop "Multimodal Digital Curating"


Summersemester 2022

June 2nd        

Hannah Kormann (BA), Berlin: "Truth in the Conflicting Field of Alternative Digital Media"

Larissa Hugentobler (PhD), Zürich: „Memory Set in Stone? Negotiating the Public Memory of Martin Luther King Junior in the Digital Age“

June 9th  no session (bank holiday)
June 16th no session (bank holiday)
June 23rd Sarah Ullrich (PhD), Tübingen: “Practices of Aesthetic Meaning-Making on Social Media"
June 30th

Chenyang Song (PhD), Berlin: „Political Participation and Popular Cultural Practices in China’s Social Media: A Digital Ethnography of New Generation Chinese Nationalist User Groups.”

July 7th

Nora Plemper (MA), Tübingen: "Witchfluencing - Digital Witchcraft on Instagram. An Ethnographic Research on Instagram Profiles of Witches"

Fabian Broeker (PhD), London: "Smartphones, Intimacy and ‘Rituals of Transition'"

July 14th

Julia Molin (MA), Berlin: "Feeling the Divide: Emotional Experiences of (Digital) Political Polarisation in Close Relationships"

Ruth Eggel (PhD), Bonn: "Embodying Gaming - Actualizing Digital Play at Computer Game Events."

July 21st No session
July 28th Katharina Geis (PhD), Berlin: „Curating Digital Images for Knowledge Practices“

Information and session invitations will be circulated via our newsletter.

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The Lab is led by Christoph Bareither and coordinated by Berit Zimmerling. Feel free to contact us if you would like to join the Lab as a guest or if you are interested in collaborating.


 +49 7071-297-2373

The program in the 2022/23 winter semester will start on October 20, from 4:14pm to 5:45pm. Further information about the presentations will be shared in our newsletter and on Facebook