Institute of Historical and Cultural Anthropology

International Partners

The Ludwig-Uhland-Institute for Empirische Kulturwissenschaft (Historical and Cultural Anthropology) participates in the European exchange programs ERASMUS+ and CIVIS. We are connected with a variety of foreign universities and departments and offer many exchange options for students. See the lists below to find out more about our international partners.

CIVIS Partners

Country University Students per semester Level
BEL Freie Universität Brüssel 3 BA, MA, PhD
ESP Autonome Universität Madrid individuell BA, MA
FRA Universität Aix-Marseille 2 individuell
GRC Nationale und Kapodistrias-Universität Athen individuell individuell
ITA Sapienza Universität Rom 2 individuell
ROU Universität Bukarest 2 BA, MA, PhD
SWE Universität Stockholm 1 BA, MA