Institute of Historical and Cultural Anthropology

International Study

The Ludwig-Uhland-Institute (LUI) for Empirische Kulturwissenschaft (Historical and Cultural Anthropology) offers many options for studying international or abroad. Our worldwide relationships with different universities, departments and professors enable international teaching programs as well as exchange programs for German and international students. Find out more about our international partners here.

 Students of the University of Tübingen can spend one to two semesters abroad or do an international internship within the exchange programs ERASMUS+ or CIVIS. More information for outgoing exchange students here.

 International students are invited to study with us for one to two semesters within the ERASMUS+ or CIVIS program. Here you can find more information for incoming exchange students.

Degree Seekers: Please note that we do not offer a full degree program for exchange students at our department. Please turn to the university's International Office if you are looking for an international degree program in Tübingen.