Institute of Historical and Cultural Anthropology

Study Abroad – International Academic Exchange

There are many good reasons for completing part of one's studies abroad, and/or for doing an internship in a foreign country: learning a new language; demonstrating that one can thrive in an unfamiliar situation at another university or in a professional setting; experiencing another way of life; and expanding one's horizons. Students who are eager to try new things and have the confidence to explore the unknown should not pass up this opportunity!

We welcome foreign (guest) students who would like to spend one or two semesters abroad in Tübingen, along with those who would like to enroll in a full-time study program, and we are happy to assist foreign students with any questions they may have. You can find information under the menu heading Incomings, or on the homepage of the Department of International Affairs (Dezernat für Internationale Angelegenheiten).

Information for students at the Ludwig Uhland Institute who would like to go abroad can be found under the heading Outgoings.

The point of contact for both Incomings and Outgoings is at the LUI office of advising on study abroad.