Institute of Historical and Cultural Anthropology

Master’s Research Projects

The group research project constitutes the curricular core of the Master's program. It is conducted over the course of three semesters and imparts a number of practical skills. In a research and presentation project developed in consultation with an instructor, students carry out independent, theory-based research, which at its conclusion is presented in a form that is accessible to and readily understood by the general public (for instance, through an exhibition, a book, or a website). To this end, questions pertaining to the everyday world are "translated" into a research project, and the contributions of the project to knowledge in the area of cultural studies are communicated to a non-academic public. In a joint effort and with an emphasis on teamwork, students employ empirical methods, and they develop their writing and presentation skills while working on assignments that are highly relevant to their professional lives. Students acquire expertise in project management, moderation and leading groups, while at the same time developing their capacity for teamwork, their ability to work under pressure, their capacity for cooperation, and their communication skills. The EKW research project "Tü amo" was awarded the "Landeslehrpreis" or State Teaching Award of the State of Baden-Württemberg in 2009. Successfully completed research projects can be found here.