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Tübinger Vereinigung für Empirische Kulturwissenschaft (TVV)


With the "Tübinger Vereinigung für Empirische Kulturwissenschaft (TVEKW), the Ludwig Uhland Institute for Historical and Cultural Anthropology has long been doing what the University of Tübingen is now promoting in its alumni programs. Alumni - these are points of contact that are to create a close connection between the University / institutes and their graduates.

50 years of TVEKW

In 2013, the Tübinger Vereinigung für Empirische Kulturwissenschaft e.V. had its 50th anniversary.
On that occasion, the TVEKW and the LUI presented an exhibition with the title “Homemade science. 50 years of the Tübinger Vereinigung für Volkskunde,” which was conceptualized by LUI students under the direction of Bernhard Tschofen and Thomas Thiemeyer.

Exhibition flyer (only in German available)        
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Currently, the Ludwig Uhland Institute for Historical and Cultural Anthropology is putting a great emphasis on an intensive exchange with its graduates through the TVEKW (approx. 450 members). However, we also use an electronic newsletter to regularly inform those who are interested about what is happening at the Institute (events, publications, exhibitions).

And of course we cooperate closely with  "Tübingen Alumni". Since 2003, the Institute has had its own program points at the Tübingen “Alumni Weekend” that takes place once every two years.

Intensive contact with its graduates but also with other interested people is important to the Ludwig Uhland Institute for Historical and Cultural Anthropology. We are therefore grateful for ideas and suggestions and warmly invite you to get involved.