Philologisches Seminar

Conference "The Wrong Direction", April 13-15 in 2023

The Wrong Direction: Early Modern Translations into Latin

Based on our research in the context of the DFG project Versio latina, we aim to change our perspective decidedly and to focus particularly on early modern Latin translations, looking, as Peter Burke once articulated ‚into the wrong direction‘ (Burke 2007). What are their functions? Who translated and for what kind of readership; which expectations were placed on these translations by translators, editors, and printer-publishers? Were they successful, reprinted, or overruled by rival products, or was their efficiency augmented by being intermediary versions for translations into other languages?

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1.15 p.m Julia Heideklang/Anja Wolkenhauer (Tübingen) Welcoming and Introduction

2 p.m. Andreas Gipper (Mainz-Germersheim) Lateinische Wissenschaftsübersetzungen in der frühen Neuzeit im Spannungsverhältnis von Vernakularisierung und Horizontalisierung

3 p.m. Sara Miglietti / Marco Spreafico (London) Writing Bilingually, 1465-1700: A New Project on Early Modern Self-Translation

4.30 p.m. Lucia Bertolini (Novedrate) Il bilinguismo “integrale” di Leon Battista Alberti: il caso delle latinizzazioni

5.30 p.m. Marianne Pade (Aarhus) The Heroic Age: Translation into Latin in Fifteenth-Century Italy



9 a.m. Raphael Schwitter (Bonn/Zürich) Non quidem per omnia felicissime redditum — Reformatorischer Anspruch und translatorische Praxis in der Publizistik Heinrich Bullingers (1504-1575)”

10.30 a.m. Stefan Rhein (Lutherstadt Wittenberg) Lutherus Latinus

11.30 a.m. Julia Frick (Zürich) Proverbia latina: Literarische Räume und Reichweiten deutsch-lateinischer Interaktion in der Frühen Neuzeit

1.30 p.m. Bernhard Söllradl (Salzburg) Historie and historia: Latein und die Volkssprache im historiographischen Werk John Lesleys

2.30 p.m. Giuseppe Eugenio Rallo (St. Andrews) Translating/Adapting Characters, Models, Languages, Plays, and Cultures: Giambattista della Porta’s La Sorella and Samuel Brooke’s Adelphe

4 p.m. Andrew Laird (Providence, USA) Legitimation, Representation, Canonization, Elucidation: Four Modes of ‘Translating’ Nahuatl Texts from 16th-Century Mexico into Latin

5 p.m. Reinhold F. Glei (Bochum) In die richtige Richtung: Die epilinguistische Übersetzung ins Lateinische  Unfortunately, the talk had to be cancelled.



9 a.m. Nathaniel Hess (Cambridge) Malign mallets and Melting Snow: Transalpine Responses to Poliziano’s Callimachus

10.30 a.m. Vittoria Vairo (Neapel) Imperfect Translations, Failed Translations: The Case of Pausanias’ versio latina between the 15th and the 16th Century

11.30 a.m. Fabio Zinelli (Paris) "Dressing in Latin" from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period: A Research Project Review / "Sich in die lateinische Sprache kleiden" vom Mittelalter bis in die Frühe Neuzeit: Ein Forschungsprojekt im Rückblick

1.15 p.m. Julia Heideklang/Anja Wolkenhauer (Tübingen) Concluding Discussions and Summary


Take a closer look at the planned talks! Our abstract booklet presents all abstracts bilingually.

Conference Location

All talks will take place in the larger lecture hall (shortened GÜR) at the Philological Institute: Wilhelmstr. 36 (Hegelbau, ground floor).

Starting from Tübingen Main Station, the location can be reached either on foot (15-20 minutes) or by bus. Bus lines 2, 3, and 7 stop at "Uni/Neue Aula." From there, the Hegelbau is just 250m away.

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