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Dr. Alaa al-Din al-Chomari

Dr Alaa al-Din al-Chomari has been a research assistant at the Research Centre for Islamic Numismatics Tübingen (FINT) since 2020 as part of a project funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation (sikka:buya). In addition, he is working as a scholarship holder of the Gerda Henkel Foundation on the establishment of a working area at the Aleppo Museum for the recording of found coins.



Research interests

  •     Islamic Numismatics
  •     Islamic History and Oriental Religions
  •     Relationship between the Quran and archaeological findings


Scientific activities and academic degrees

Since Dec. 2020

Research assistant at FINT in the project sikka:būya - Online Portal on the Coinage of the Būyids, funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation (Head: Dr. Sebastian Hanstein, Kevin Körner).

Aug. 2020 –2023

Scholarship holder of the Gerda Henkel Foundation; Project: Establishment of a numismatic working area at the Aleppo Museum to record numismatic depot finds and an archaeological working group to record individual finds from the 7th-18th centuries.
16.–25. Feb. 2020 Workshop on the Reference Database Project in Beirut
Jan. 2017–Dec. 2019 Scholarship holder of the Gerda Henkel Foundation; Project: Development of an illustrated reference database to facilitate the recording of North and South Syrian single-found coins of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period.

University of Aleppo

General Supervisor of the Master's Department for Qualification and Specialisation


University of Aleppo and temporarily University of Damascus, Suwaida branch:

Professorship for Islamic Archaeology and History


University of Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne:

PhD in Archaeology, Ethnology and Prehistory at the Department of Islamic Archaeology:

Abbasid coins in Al-Djazira (Syria): The hoard of Buseyra (Ḳarḳīsīya)


University of Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle:

Master's degree in linguistics, literatures and foreign cultures in the field of languages, literatures, arts and contemporary societies

Les ateliers monétaires de Kufa et Basra: De leur création à l’an 85 de l’hégire


University of Aleppo: 

Lecturer at the Department of Archaeology

Publications (selection):


  •     [Submitted:] Sylloge Numorum Arabicorum Tubingen IVe2: Die Münzstätte Aleppo in mamlukischer und osmanischer Zeit (1260-1773). Berlin 2021.
  •     Le commerce régional et international au Xe siècle en Syrie, d'après le trésor monétaire de Buseyra et d'autres trésors de l'époque, Oxford 2020 (Archaeopress).


  •     [in press:] “Archeological Traces and coins from the Arabic Culture in Sicily”, in: Discovering Common Roots: Sicily and the Mediterranean – a History of Pluralistic Traditions . Palermo, Sicily, 11–13 December 2017. Oxford 2021.
  •     [in press:]  “Islamic cities Planning in northern Syria, ar-Raqqa city”, in: The International Online Conference ‘Housing and Identity in the Context of Metropolization’ 14   – 15 October 2020. Oxford, 2021.
  •     "A typology of Dirhams from the mint of Aleppo under the sultan Barquq", in: Festschrift zum 70. Geburtstag von Lutz Ilisch. [to be published in spring 2021]
  •      الدرهم "Derham", in: Syrian Encyclopedia (الموسوعة السورية), Damascus 2019, 340-346.
  •     "The trade balance between the al-Jazira, as-Suriya and al-Iraq in the 4 century Hijri / 10th century, based on the treasures of the dirham belonging to that period", in: Al-Maskukat. [to be published in 2019]
  •     "The scientific study of Islamic Coins – Treasure studies and their importance in preserving heritage" in: Journal of Islamic Numismatic Center, No. 1, 2018, 139–146.
  •     كنز البصيرة الفضي, published by the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums in Syria, Damascus 2018.
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    Review of: Teresa Bernheimer, "The revolt of ‘Abdallāh b. Mu‘awiya, AH 127-130: a reconsideration through the coinage" (BSOAS 69, 3, 381–393) in: Abstracta Iranica, Vol. 30, 2007, 70.