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Research Centre for Islamic Numismatics Tübingen (FINT)

In 1990, the University of Tübingen set up a research centre dedicated to Islamic Numismatics; the associated coin collection is today one of the three largest and most important collections in the world.

The FINT has a very good specialized reference and research library. Courses on Islamic Numismatics are regularly included in the seminars offered by the Department of Oriental and Islamic Studies and every year in May, FINT organizes an international conference on Islamic coinage on the occasion of the meeting of the Oriental Numismatic Society - the next one on May 8, 2021 (online via Zoom; for the program see "News").


Research Centre for Islamic Numismatics Tübingen
Dept. Oriental and Islamic Studies

University of Tübingen
Wilhelmstr. 113
D-72074 Tübingen


Dr. Sebastian Hanstein

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