Locations / classification system

1. Locations

The holdings in the reading room are arranged systematically - i.e. according to a subject classification - in a general section (where also Media Studies and Rhetoric are located) and in blocks for the different Philologies.
In addition to the systematically arranged subject groups, there are also so-called author groups in the respective Philology sections, where the works of literary authors are arranged according to epochs or centuries. The order within the individual groups is alphabetical. Each author's works are followed by the corresponding research literature.
The 2nd floor currently also houses holdings from Indology and Religious Studies.

Shelfmarks / call numbers

For each book, the shelfmark (or call number) under which it is located in the reading room or at another location is given in the catalog.
The shelfmarks begin either with the abbreviated name of the discipline - e.g. Germ, Rom - or with two capital letters that stand for parts of a discipline / subject (main group).
This is followed by a three-digit number or combination of letters and numbers (fine group), and a further numeric or alphanumeric character string (consecutive numbering of the title within the fine group).
For example: GC 370.033
    GC Philosophy of language (systematic main group)
    370 Logical empiricism (systematic fine group)
    033 The philosophy of Rudolf Carnap (consecutive numbering of the title within the systematic fine group)

The systematic main and fine groups express the affiliation of a work to a specific subject area, which is why a thematic literature search in the catalog is possible with the corresponding letter-number combinations (enter, in our example, " GC 370* " in the field "Call Number" of the advanced search of the Catalog plus).

Special locations (outside the reading room)

The number 1 or Mag in front of a shelfmark means that the book is in the stacks.
2 or Rarum = rare or valuable books, most of which are kept in the University Library.
3 = book is at the library administration.
5 = book is at a lecturer's office - find the person's name or location in a footnote of the title record in the catalog.

2. Classification system

Below you will find sections of the classification system by disciplines / blocks. Printouts of the overall classification are attached to many shelves for an overview, and printouts of the partial classifications are attached to the shelves of the respective discipline / block.


General Section, incl. Media Studies and Rhetoric (white shelfmarks)

Classification General Section

Incl. Media Studies under shelfmarks "HE", and Rhetoric under shelfmarks "Allg J".

English and American Studies (blue)

Classification English and American Studies


German and Scandinavian Studies (yellow)

Classification German Studies


Classification Scandinavian Studies

Romance Studies (green)

Classification Romance Studies

For historical reasons, the classification of Romance Studies is not uniform; please ask us at any time if you have problems finding a book!


Slavic Studies (red)

Classification Slavic Studies


Comparative Linguistics (pink)

Classification Comparative Linguistics


For General Linguistics, see shelfmarks "GB-GY" in the General Section.

World literature (white)

Classification World literature