Using our library spaces

At the BBB there are numerous individual workstations on both levels, as well as a large group working space on the 1st floor (coming in from the entrance, on the right). Standing workstations with height-adjustable tables and stools can be found in the journal reading room (2nd floor). The south-west corner on the 2nd floor is a place to relax with soundproof sofas, beanbags/loungers and floor cushions.

Computer pools are located on the 1st floor (next to the information desk), and on the 2nd floor in the journal reading room. Next to the latter, you can find the scanning and copying room.

Wardrobe / lockers

  • Bags, coats, etc. may now be taken into the reading room.
  • The blue daytime lockers in front of the library, which can be used until the end of our opening hours, are free for you to use.
  • Only one locker may be used per person.
  • The Brechtbau Library assumes no liability for the contents of the lockers, especially if money or other valuables are locked in.
  • There are baskets at the library entrance for items to be taken into the reading room. Please put them back there after use.
  • You can use your own lock for the lockers or buy one from the library info desk for €4 (while stocks last).
  • Lockers are only allocated for one day and must be vacated before the library closes.
  • Lockers that are still locked after the library closes may be opened by staff. The content will be treated as lost property. Locks destroyed by opening will not be replaced.
  • If a key is lost or locked inside, the key service Schmid, Hirschgasse 10, 72070 Tübingen, Tel. 22024 should be informed by the user of the locker - who must also pay the costs - and a written record should be made.
  • By using a locker, you accept these conditions.

Lost and found

If you think you've lost something in the library, please ask at the info desk (Tel. 29-74330).


Eating & drinking

Food and drinks other than water are not permitted in the library rooms.
There is a cafeteria on the ground floor of the building with plenty of seating.

Quiet and communication zones

  • In order to enable everyone to concentrate on their work, silence should prevail in the quiet work areas. In particular, noise from cell phones and laptops should be avoided.
  • The group working space is used for collaboration in the academic context; please be considerate of other groups in terms of volume, cleanliness, and in general.
  • For phone conversations, please go to the green lobby in front of the library exit.

E-Learning Support Center (ESC)

Operated by the University Library, but located in the Brechtbau building (ground floor, rooms 04/04a), you can use the ESC to book a group pool equipped with various technical devices and modern furnishings to realize flexible IT-supported teaching and learning scenarios.


Family and relaxation room

Room 142 on the 1st floor (not part of the library, but we hand out its key against a deposit at the library info desk) is available for

  •     Faculty members with children (after prior registration with the Equal Opportunities Commissioner),
  •     persons with disabilities as a relaxation room,
  •     emergencies, there is a couch here.

Users with disabilities

If you would like assistance in using the library, please contact us - in advance or on site at the entrance desk on the 1st floor.
We will do our best to find a solution for everyone, although unfortunately not all rooms are optimally accessible yet (wheelchair access to the 2nd floor of the reading room is currently only possible via the administrative wing of the library, but a solution is already being worked on).



Restrooms are located on the 1st floor outside the reading room, to the right of the library exit.