Coseriu Archive

In continuation of the DFG project with the aim of editing the manuscripts of Coseriu and the C@seriu project dedicated to the digitization of the manuscripts and sound recordings - both directed by Prof. Dr. Johannes Kabatek and with the collaboration of Dr. Reinhard Meisterfeld - the materials of the archive are currently being further processed both at the Department of Romance Studies in Tübingen under the direction of Prof. Dr. Wiltrud Mihatsch and in Zurich under the direction of Prof. Dr. Johannes Kabatek.

The following steps are currently being carried out:

  • Creation of a virtual catalogue of the titles of the private library of Coseriu. The books of the private library are systematically integrated into the library catalogue of the University of Tübingen. For the time being the titles will be available as virtual entries in the library catalogue of the University Library of Tübingen, the books themselves (if the titles are not in the regular stock) are not accessible to the public. This task is carried out in cooperation between the chair of Prof. Dr. Wiltrud Mihatsch and the University Library as well as the Faculty Library of Modern Philology, which also provide staff support for this project.
  • Digitization of the sound recordings by Johannes Kabatek in Zurich.
  • Classification and evaluation of Coseriu’s correspondence by the SNF project "Beyond Structuralism - Letters to Eugenio Coseriu and the History of Linguistics in the 20th Century" by Prof. Dr. Johannes Kabatek.
  • Digitisation of Coseriu‘s manuscripts, supported by the Department of Romance Languages, the University Library and the Digitisation Centre, coordinated by the chair of Prof. Dr. Wiltrud Mihatsch. The digitized manuscripts (a selection of the more substantial previously unpublished manuscripts were digitized) are now available at DigiRegio under the following link:


Detailed information on the work of Eugenio Coseriu can be found at