Informations for new students

Enrolment at the University of Tübingen in all degree programmes takes place in the Student Administration Office.

Prior language knowledge and placement test

First-year students of French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese require previous language knowledge of (at least) level B1 CEFR and B2 CEFR in German.

First-year students must take the placement test at the beginning of the semester.

For further information you can contact the help desk: romanistikspam

FOR BACHELOR OF EDUCATION ONLY: Latin & second Romance language

In addition to previous knowledge of the studied language, knowledge of a second Romance language as well as knowledge of Latin is required for the teacher training programmes (Bachelor of Education).


Study abroad

As a foreign language student, you must spend at least three months abroad in the course of your studies (see the module handbooks of the respective degree programme).
Here you will find basic information for planning your stay.