Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry


Prepend Telephone numbers by +49 7071 29-, if not indicated otherwise.

Last name First name Group Room Telephone Email Address
replace at by @ and omit blanks
Alexa Heike Verwaltung A4A35 78710 heike.alexa at
Alharbi Abdulaziz Weimar VG2.114 78768 abdulaziz.alharbi at
Armbruster Stefanie Weimar VG2.114 78768 stefanie.armbruster at
Banet Michael Huhn A6M22 72068 michel-jan.banet at
Barsan Nicolae Weimar VG2.120 78761/78765 nb at
Behnle Stefan Fink A6G04 76596 stefan.behnle at
Belser Axel Chassé A5A41 78718 axel.belser at
Boehme Inci Weimar VG2.113 78682 inci.can at
Bölke Sven Chassé A5A38 76909 sven.boelke at
Bonanati Peter Weimar VG2.116 77633 peter.bonanati at
Braun Kai Meixner A4A38 76911 kai.braun at
Brecht Marc Meixner HS RT A001 07121 - 271 2065 marc.brecht at
Casu Benedetta Casu A5A35 76252 benedetta.casu at
Chassé Thomas Chassé A5A28 76904 thomas.chasse at
Chen Yu-Ting Meixner VG0.119 78657 yu-ting.chen at
Christen Dines Christen A5M10 76924 dines.christen at
Doez Brigitte Verwaltung A3A04 75244 brigitte.doez at
Dyga Philipp Weimar VG2.123 78765 philipp.dyga at
Eberle Martin Meixner     martin.eberle at
Ehrlich Dilan Fink     dilan.ehrlich at
Evans Sandra Weimar VG2.114 72058 sandra.evans at
Fink Reinhold Fink A6A04 76593 reinhold.fink at
Frech Philipp Scheele     philipp.frech at
Früh Andreas Chassé A5A07 77864 andreas.frueh at
Gauglitz Günter Gauglitz A6A32 76927 guenter.gauglitz at
Gauglitz Fax     5772  
Gebert-Rudolph Sabine Gauglitz A6A35 78753 sabine.gebert-rudolph at
Geladari Olympia Meixner A4L30 76175 olympia.geladari at
Geyik Ugur Weimar VG2.113 78682 ugur.geyik at
Gold Stewart Weimar Uni Tal at
Gonter Heike Verwaltung





heike.gonter at
Graf Hannes Huhn A6M10 75656 hannes.graf at
Grau Bettina Fachdidaktik A6G44 76590 bettina.grau at
Greulich Katharina Chassé A5A38 76909 k.greulich at
Haensch Alexander Weimar VG2.110 77633 alexander.haensch at
Harbusch Ute Weimar VG2.122 77636 ute.harbusch at
Hegele Niklas Weimar VG2.116 72058 jean-niklas.hegele at
Heimberger Joachim Meixner A3A30 76930 joachim.heimberger at
Heine Thomas Weimar VG2.110 78769 thomas.heine at
Hiller Jonas Meixner     jonas.hiller at
Hopkins Christine Weimar VG2.116 72058 cjonella at
Horneber Anke Meixner VG0.119 77637 anke.horneber at
Huhn Carolin Huhn A6A44 75655 carolin.huhn at
Hutterer Johanna Gauglitz A6G32 72651 johanna.hutterer at
Janoschek Peter Weimar VG2.113 78682 peter-richard.janoschek at
Junghöfer Tobias Casu A5L30 76600 tobias.junghoefer at
Junginger Achim Meixner A4S16 76180 achim.junginger at
Junker Benjamin Weimar VG2.113 78682 benjamin.junker at
Karstens Reimer Chassé A5A41 78718 nikolaus-reimer.karstens at
Kirsch Christopher Scheele A4G10 76182 christopher.kirsch at
Knappe Cornelius Weimar VG2.110 78765 cornelius.knappe at
Knoll Sarah Huhn A6M22 72068 sarah.knoll at
Kobald Arne Weimar VG2.116 77633 arne.kobald at
Kremer Matthias Fachdidaktik A6A38 76597 matthias.kremer at
Kumar Krishan Scheele A4A10 76223 krishan.kumar at
Langer Wolfgang Verwaltung A3A11 76902 wolfgang.langer at
Langer Wolfgang Prüfungszimmer A5A07 73003  
Leidner Lothar Gauglitz A6G32 72651 lothar.leidner at
Lemke Bianca Weimar VG2.110 78769 bianca.lemke at
Liu Quan Meixner A4S16 76179 quan.liu at
Maier Andre Scheele A4A10 76223 andre.maier at
Maier Mechthild Weimar VG2.110 77633 mechthild.maier at
Märker Björn Scheele A4A04 76244 bjoern.marker at
Mehne Jochen Praktikum A3A28 75008 jochen.mehne at
Meixner Alfred Meixner A4A28 76903/76901 alfred.meixner at
Meixner Sozialraum   A4A13 76296  
Meixner Vorzimmer     76911  
Melzer Tanja Huhn A6M22 72068 tanja.melzer at
Mrsic Ivana Chassé A5G35 76598 ivana.mrsic at
Müller Linda Weimar VG2.113 78682 lin.mueller at
Nadler Elke Chassé A5A04 75282/72478 elke.nadler at
Nosrati Saeed Meixner A4S16 76181 saeed.nosrati at
Oberhammer Heinz Oberhammer A5A10 76907 heinz.oberhammer at
Oelkrug Dieter Oelkrug A5A10 76906 dieter.oelkrug at
Oprea Alexandru Weimar VG2.116 78765 alexandru.oprea at
Oven-Krockhaus Sven zur Meixner A4G35 76172 sven.zur-oven-krockhaus at
Peisert Heiko Chassé A5A45 76931 heiko.peisert at
Pollak Leonard Weimar VG2.110 78765 leonard.pollak at
Quinones Dustin Chassé A5A38 76909 dustin-oneil.quinones at
Rammler Tim Meixner A4G35 76171 tim.rammler at
Riedt Johannes Gauglitz A6A35 78753 johannes.riedt at
Rösch Tobias Huhn A6M22 72068 tobias.roesch at
Rudisch Benjamin Huhn A6M10 75656 benjamin.rudisch at
Russ Tamara Weimar VG2.113 78682 tamara.russ at
Sackmann André Weimar VG2.110 78768 andre.sackmann at
Sättele Marie Chassé A5A41 78718 marie-sophie.saettele at
Schade René Scheele   76928  
Schanbacher Christina Gauglitz A6G44 74668 christina.schanbacher at
Schedel Christine Scheele A4A10 76223 christine-alexandra.schedel at
Scheele Marcus Scheele A4A07 76243 marcus.scheele at
Schenk Florian Gauglitz A6G44 74668 florian.schenk at
Schleifenbaum Frank Meixner (A4A38) 76222 frank.schleifenbaum at
Schnapper Alexander Werkstatt H2C29 76605 alexander.schnapper at
Scholz Miriam Brecht/Meixner A4S16 76179 miriam.scholz at
Schynowski Leah Weimar VG2.113 78682 leah.schynowski at
Stadler Christine Verwaltung A3A04 75246 christine.stadler at
Stampke Karsten Meixner A4L04 76928 karsten.stampke at
Stärz Anna Weimar VG2.113 78682 anna.staerz at
Stiedl Jan Chassé ext. 76909 Jan.Stiedl at
Strauss Diana Verwaltung A4A35 78710 diana.strauss at
Stuhl Alexander Meixner A4A41 78683 alexander.stuhl at
Su Xiaoli Huhn at
Suzuki Takuya Weimar VG2.114 78768 at
Takele Wassie-Mersha Meixner     wassie-mersha.takele at
Thelen Michael Fink A6G04 76595 michael.thelen at
Trämer Markus Weimar VG2.116 72058 markus.traemer at
Vogler Julian Gauglitz A6G44 74668 julian.vogler at
Wackenhut Frank Meixner A4L30 76175 frank.wackenhut at
Wahl Jan Scheele A4G10 76182 jan.wahl at
Wang XiaoXue Weimar VG2.113 78682 at
Weimar Udo Weimar VG2.121 77634 upw at
Westendorf Sophia Scheele     sophia.westendorf at
Wimmer Benedikt Huhn A6M10 75656 benedikt.wimmer at
Winkler Maximilian Fink     maximilian.winkler at
Wurst Kai Scheele A4A04 76244 kai-matthias.wurst at
Wurster Viola Gauglitz A6G44 74668 viola.wurster at
Yang Liu Weimar VG2.113 78682 liu.yang at
Zhang Dai Meixner


77639/72034 dai.zhang at

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