The Frankenstein molecule

Resurrection of an ancient antibiotic to create antibiotics of the future

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BioVis Challenge @ VIS'23

Best contribution from a collaboration between two IBMI groups: Congratulations!

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Outstanding student paper by Jonas Ditz

Congratulations to Jonas Ditz for reaching a second place at ISMB 2023!

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Honorary doctorate for Detlef Weigel

University of Helsinki honors the IBMI member for his life time scientific achievements.

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Robin Gerlach in Tübingen

Robin Gerlach has joined Daniel Huson's group in September 2022 as a visiting scientist.

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Michael Krone in New York

Jun.-Prof. Michael Krone went off to the USA in August for a two-term fellowship in New York

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Visiting Scientist Professor Esmaeil Babaei

We are happy to welcome Professor Esmaeil Babaei from the University of Tahiz (Iran) as a visiting…

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Podcast about Bioinformatics with Kay Nieselt

Together with the "hochschulreif" moderation team Kay Nieselt recorded a podcast about…

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