Doctoral studies in Bioinformatics or Medical Informatics

Additional regulations

The IBMI members agreed on the following rules, which partially extend the minimum requirements of the PromO, and aim to ensure the quality of doctoral theses. Higher-level regulations remain unaffected:

  • Doctoral candidates are supervised by a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC).
  • Members of the TAC will be selected by the doctoral candidate and their supervisor.
  • A TAC has at least three members and must meet the following requirements
    • The supervisor is a member of the TAC.
    • At least one TAC member is a member of the IBMI.
    • At least two TAC members must be a full professor of the MNF or equivalent and a member of the Computer Science Department or the IBMI.
  • The doctoral candidate will meet at least once a year with their TAC and reports on the progress of the doctorate.
  • The first TAC meeting should take place within six months of starting the doctorate.
  • The TAC makes a recommendation for the most appropriate form of the dissertation. 1
  • The recommendations for cumulative dissertations of the MNF are to be applied.


1  For the possible forms of dissertations, please see also the subpage "Doctoral Qualification Process"