TüBMI 2023

Schedule: 23 June 2023, 9 am - 5 pm
Venue: Sand 6/7, Lecture Hall F119

With our 12th TüBMI (former TüBiT) we are happy to be back at the University after the COVID-19 pandemic, one virtual TüBiT, and last year's TüBMI at the Westspitze. 27 PhD students will present their research with talks and posters and we are looking forward to have fruitful discussions and to bring together the Bio- and Medical Informatics research community in Tübingen.

We are very pleased that our alumna Dr. Magdalena Feldhahn (CeGaT) will be our guest to give a keynote talk.


9:00 am - Welcome

Session I

Chair: Michael Krone

9:10 am: BMI Flashlight
Brief Introduction of TüBMI research groups by their group leaders
9:40 am: Talk
FLASHQuant: a software tool for label-free quantification in top-down proteomics

10:05 am - Poster Session & Coffee Break

Session II

Chair: Sven Nahnsen

11:05 am: Talk
Applying genome graphs to genome-wide association studies
11:30 am: Talk
nf-core/sarek: a pipeline for efficient germline, tumor-only, and somatic variant calling on different compute infrastructures
11:55 am: Talk
DNA methylation site detection by deep learning approaches

12:20 pm - Lunch Break

Session III

Chair: Nico Pfeifer

1:20 pm: Keynote Lecture: Dr. Magdalena Feldhahn (CeGaT)
20 years with individualized peptide vaccines - From a diploma thesis to the application in patient care
2:05 pm: Talk
visMOP – A Visual Analytics Approach for Multi-omics Pathways
2:30 pm: Talk
Compendium of specialized metabolite biosynthetic diversity encoded in bacterial genomes

2:55 pm - Poster Session & Coffee Break

Session IV

Chair: Stephan Ossowski

3:55 pm: Talk
Inherently Interpretable Kernel Networks in Healthcare
4:20 pm: Talk
GO-Compass: Visual Navigation of Multiple Lists of GO terms

4:45 pm: Poster Prize Closing remarks
4:55 pm: PhD Round Table


  1. Machine learning models predicting response to immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI)
  2. Pangenome Graphs 
  3. FHAUC: Privacy Preserving AUC Calculation for Federated Learning using Fully Homomorphic Encryption
  4. Visual linkage and interactive features of Evidente for an enhanced analysis of SNP-based phylogenies
  5. PTMVision: An Interactive Visualization Platform for Post-Translational Modifications of Proteins
  6. Attri-Net:Inherently Interpretable Multi-Label Classification Using Class-Specific Counterfactuals
  7. Phylogenetic Context Using Phylogenetic Outlines
  8. Reconstruction of Strain-specific Metabolic Models of Staphylococcus haemolyticus
  9. HCV 2k/1b Variant Detection with Machine Learning Methods
  10. S3-CIMA: Supervised spatial single-cell image analysis for the identification of disease-associated cell type compositions in tissue
  11. Sensitive inference of gene age using GenEra
  12. Unveiling the Hidden Players: Exploring Transposable Elements in Brown Algae
  13. An efficient privacy-preserving multi-party sorting protocol
  14. Simulating Longitudinal Brain Aging Using Diffusion Models
  15. The MICCAI Learn2Learn Challenge
  16. MMonitor - tracking microbes with long read metagenomics