Juristische Fakultät

The Institute

The Tübingen Research Institute on the Determinants of Economic Activity (TRIDEA) is concerned with the pivotal determinants of economic activity in the EU, taking a transatlantic perspective. It aims at identifying similar regulatory problems and finding common structures behind the legal challenges in different fields of the law. This shall lead to a better and comprehensive understanding of how the law shapes the economic environment. 

Setting up and operating a business requires complex legal rules and is constrained by these very same rules. The legal framework of economic activity comprises, inter alia, the legal forms available for running a business, its financing options (including the operating conditions of financial markets), its competitive environment and the way the tax system(s) within which it operates influence entrepreneurial decisions.  Against this backdrop, TRIDEA brings together expertise from the fields of Competition and Antitrust Law, Tax Law, Corporate Law, and Financial Regulation.