Integrative Transcriptomics

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(Willy Brandt)

We welcome our guest scientist Prof. Esmaeil Babaei from the University of Tahiz, Iran, who will spend some months in our group working on RNA-seq in cancer cells.

Due to the pandemic, student consultation (Tuesdays, 3-5pm) will take place via Zoom only. Please contact Kay Nieselt via  email for an appointment.

Available research topics for Master's theses

Research topics for Master's theses in Kay Nieselt's group will only be available from May 2022 on at the earliest; if you are interested, you may contact Kay Nieselt , but not before April 2022.


Available research topics for  Bachelor's theses

  • Ancient DNA: Algorithmen und Anwendungen
  • Transkriptomik: Algorithmen und Anwendungen
  • Visualisierung biologischer Daten: Algorithmen und Anwendungen