Online learning platform

Visit the learning platform by clicking here.


How to access the learning platform

Most of the learning content is available through our online learning platform. If you would like access to the platform, please email tuekitzmedspam with the following information and we will create an account for you:

  • Name
  • Employee at the University of Tübingen or University Hospital Tübingen (yes/no)
  • Student at the University of Tübingen (yes/no)

Where to find the courses on the learning platform

Once you are logged in, you can browse the catalog for courses that interest you. You can book courses of interest, which will then appear in "My Training" afterwards. 

Currently, we offer three different training types: 

  1. Online trainings are the most basic type of training and contain learning content in small, self-contained units.
  2. Projects are collections of related online trainings that together form a self-contained unit.
  3. Learning pathways are loose collections of online trainings and projects that provide guidance to the user on the appropriate order in which to learn the material.

Different categories structure the available trainings by topic. Under the categories "Applications", "Machine learning", "Math", and "Ethics and law" you will find collections that contain all of the training material available on the respective topic as online trainings. 

Parts of the material that you can find there, is reused in projects which can be found under the category "Predefined learning pathways". Each project contains learning material from different categories that are appropriate for the specific project. For example, the project "Supervised Learning" contains learning materials from mathematics, machine learning and applications that are needed to understand or address supervised learning.

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