Theses in progress

Master's theses in progress

Topic: Computational prediction of antibody targets in Legionella spp.
Supervisor: Kay Nieselt/Simon Hackl
Author: Majd Hammour

Topic: Reimplementation of Phylotree for Evidente
Supervisor: K. Nieselt/M. Witte Paz
Author: Dolores Krauss

Topic: Applied Machine Learning for predicting metal binding sites in proteins
Supervisor: K. Nieselt/W. Fuhl/C. Jachmann
Author: Gizem Alsahan

Bachelor's theses in progress

Topic: Anwendung von Methoden des unüberwachten maschinellen Lernens zur Charakterisierung von Genotypdaten
Supervisor: Kay Nieselt/Simon Hackl
Author: Leonard Bumiller

Topic: Evaluierung von Methoden zur Identifikation von Phosphorylierungen in der Massenspektrometrie
Supervisor: Kay Nieselt/Caro Jachmann
Author: Daniel Kocher

Topic: Effiziente Identifikation von cladenspezifischen SNPs in Evidente
Supervisor: Kay Nieselt/Mathias Witte Paz
Author: Eileen Kränzle