Theses in progress

Master's theses in progress

Topic: SeaVis: Seaweed Expression Atlas Visualization Tool for Gene Expression of Algae
Supervisor: Kay Nieselt / Susana Coelho / Simon Hackl / Theresa Harbig
Author: Carmen Gil Bredehöft

Topic: Elucidating antibiotic resistance mechanisms from high-throughput data
Supervisor: Kay Nieselt / Ana Rita Brochado / Simon Hackl
Author: Friederike Moroff

Bachelor's theses in progress

Topic:  Genome-wide characterization of lipoproteins in Corynebacteria
Supervisor: Kay Nieselt/Mathias Witte Paz
Author: Daniel Kocher

Topic: Genomweite Integration von DNA- und RNA-Daten von Covid19-Patienten
Supervisor: Kay Nieselt 
Author: Martin Kahabka

Topic: Improving the characterization of the 5’ and 3’ regions in TSS-Captur
Supervisor: Kay Nieselt/Mathias Witte Paz
Author: Tom Wolf