Benjamin Kiefer


Since 2019
PhD student at the Department of Cognitive Systems, University of Tübingen

M. Sc. Mathematics, University of Tübingen

2013 - 2016
B. Sc. Mathematics, University of Tübingen

Research Interests

Currently, I'm working on Deep Learning methods for Object Detection. More specifially, I try to improve Object Detectors by means of freely available meta/environmental data. Although perception can work without context, it is often leveraged by additional domain knowledge (e.g. on UAVs).


Teaching Assistantships

Avalon Project

I'm part of the Avalon project. This project's goal is to build autonomous vision-based AIs aboard a UAV to assist in maritime emergencies at north sea and baltic sea.

Supervised Theses

2020 Bachelor thesis Sampling Useful Synthetic Data for UAV Object Detection
2020 Bachelor thesis

Domain Adaptation for Object Detection on UAVs

2021 Bachelor thesis Maritime Anomaly Detection Using Autoencoders
2021 Bachelor thesis Accelerating DNN Training Using Weight Extrapolation



[1] Benjamin Kiefer, Martin Meßmer and Andreas Zell. "Leveraging domain labels for object detection from UAVs" (2020, preprint)
[2] Martin Meßmer, Benjamin Kiefer and Andreas Zell. "Gaining Scale Invariance in UAV Bird's Eye View Object Detection by Adaptive Resizing" (2020, preprint)
[3] Leon Varga, Benjamin Kiefer, Martin Meßmer and Andreas Zell. "SeaDronesSee: A Maritime Benchmark for Detecting Humans in Open Water" (2021, preprint)