Looking for Hiwis for various tasks in Computer Vision, Deep Learning and general data science-related fields. Background in Python necessary and familiarity with ML or DL a plus. Drop me a mail!

Benjamin Kiefer


Since 2019
PhD student at the Department of Cognitive Systems, University of Tübingen

M. Sc. Mathematics, University of Tübingen

2013 - 2016
B. Sc. Mathematics, University of Tübingen

Research Interests

Currently, I'm working on Deep Learning methods for Object Detection. More specifially, I try to improve Object Detectors by means of freely available meta/environmental data. This meta data helps object detectors be more robust.

Avalon Project

I'm part of the Avalon project. This project's goal is to build autonomous vision-based AIs aboard a UAV to assist in maritime emergencies at north sea and baltic sea.

Generating Synthetic Data for UAV scenarios via DeepGTAV

With ever more realistic simulations, we can generate data synthetically to augment or even replace real data entirely. For this reason, jointly with David Ott, we adapted and improved the tool DeepGTAV to work for UAV scenarios. If you are looking for the synthetically generated object detection data for UAV scenarios, find it here. Find the tool here.

SeaDronesSee Benchmark

We created an object detection and tracking benchmark for the use case of maritime search and rescue. Find it here.

Neuro Meeting - Paper reading club

The Neuro meeting is a kind of paper reading club, which meets roughly every two weeks to discuss research and applications all kinds of foundations and novelties of neural networks. The central goal of this group is to broaden the horizon and keep an overview over this fast-paced field.

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If you are interested to listen to or hold a talk or join regularly just drop me a mail.


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