First disputation of our group successfully completed

Alina Renz successfully defends her doctoral thesis „From Nose to Lung: Using Systems Biology to Fight Pathogens in the Human Respiratory Tract”.

The title of M.Sc. Alina Renz's doctoral thesis is “From the nose to the lungs: using systems biology to combat pathogens in the human respiratory tract.”

We are proud to announce that Alina Renz has successfully defended her doctoral thesis. She joined us as an undergraduate student, earned her master’s degree with us, and is our first doctoral student. Her work was embedded in CMFI and DZIF in the fight against bacterial and viral infections, including SARSCoV2.

To name just a few of her accomplishments: twelve publications in just three years, international coverage of our research on radio, television and newspapers. Congratulations to Dr. des. Alina Renz, our first Ph.D. student and great inspiration for the group!