Physikalisches Institut

Many-body Cavity QED

The many-body cavity QED group studies the collective interaction of ultracold atoms with ligh fields in optical cavities in the regime of strong light-matter coupling.

The group is part of the Center of Quantum Science

Rydberg atoms in optical cavities

The project deals with the CQED regime of strong coupling of ultracold Rydberg atoms with the light fields inside an optical high-finesse cavity. We aim to investigate how light scattering in the cavity is influenced by the coupling to a high-lying Rydberg level, in particular, when Rydberg long-range interactions compete with cavity-mediated global interactions. A second goal is the sythesis of non-classical states of light inside the cavity.

This project is carried out within the research unit FOR 5413 "Long-range interacting quantum spin systems out of equilibrium: Experiment, theory and mathematics".


Strong coupling of ultracold atoms and surface plasmons

The project deals with hybrid systems that consist of ultracold atoms and solid surfaces with integrated plasmonic structures. We investigate interactions between atoms and surface plasmons under several perspectives:

  • Atoms as quantum sensors for plasmonic near-fields
  • Surface plasmoncs as sensors for atoms / nondestructive detection of atoms.
  • Excitation of surface plasmons by atomic fluorescence with high cooperativity / Purcell-enhancement.