Physikalisches Institut


Impact of long-range interactions on phase transitions in spin-boson models (since 2022)

Collective optical effects of ultracold Rydberg atoms in optical cavities (since 2020)

Collective effects and optomechanics in ultracold matter, ITN network (2017-2021)

Erfolgreich Studieren in Tübingen - Propädeutika Juniordozentur Physik (2011-2020)

Fulbright-Cottrell Award 2016 - Dipole-dipole interactions of Rb-atoms at nanofiber tips

Marie Curie Action - IRSES - Collective Scattering of Light (COSCALI) (2011-2015)

Elite program for postdocs - Interaction of single atoms with plasmonic nanofiber tips (2012-2014)