Physikalisches Institut

Prof. Dr. Dieter Kölle

Professor W3

Member of the board of directors of the "Center for Light Matter Interaction, Sensors and Analytics" (LISA+)


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Teaching and Research Fields

Experimental physics V - solid state physics

  • Superconductivity: basic properties & devices (electric transport and noise in thin films, Josephson junctions and SQUIDs; nanoSQUIDs for the investigation of small spin systems)
  • Superconductor cold atom hybrid systems (superconducting microtraps, microwave resonators coupled to atom clouds)
  • Non-linear effects in superconductors (ratchets, negative mobility)
  • Thin film technology and nanostructures (metals, transition metal oxides)
  • Magnetism (spin-polarized transport, nanomagnets)
  • Imaging techniques: low-temperature scanning electron/laser microscopy (imaging electric transport properties, vortex imaging, Kerr microscopy)