Publishing articles online

We offer to upload your publications, where this is legally possible, in the Open Access repository of the Faculty of Humanities. More than 1700 documents are already available there.


For whom?

The service is available to scholars from the disciplines of Modern Languages, Rhetoric and Media Studies at the University of Tübingen.



  • Your articles will be stored in the central repository of the University of Tübingen, managed by the University Library.
  • They will receive a permanent and citable internet address there, which can also be used for the publication list on your own homepage.
  • The data is backed up professionally and sustainably.
  • The metadata is made available via local and global catalogs and prepared in such a way that it is quickly captured by search engines.
  • This increases the findability, visibility and reach of your publications - especially in comparison to mere print publications, which are often more difficult to access.
  • Generally, it also increases the citation frequency and at the same time supports the idea of Open Science.
  • Readers get a free version of your articles that can be accessed at any time and from any location.

Legal matters

  • When an article has first been published by a publishing company, the relevant regulations of the author's contract must be taken into account.
  • In case of doubt, the secondary publication of articles is legally possible from one year after printing or publication by the publishing company, and is also legally protected in the case of public funding of the research in question: see § 38 UrhG.
  • General information on OA publishing and contacts for more detailed advice can be found here.
  • The Sherpa Romeo database is also helpful.

What do we need?

What we need from you is your declaration of consent (digitally signed and e-mailed is sufficient) and your texts (with bibliographical details) - ideally as a pdf file / scan.