Institute of English Languages and Literatures


Welcome to Sprachpraxis/Academic English Program at University of Tübingen.

In Academic English courses, or Sprachpraxis, you get support on developing your language skills for better speaking, listening, reading and writing, as well as develop your critical thinking and reasoning skills. Our teaching is designed to make you a better, more independent learner, and one who is able to continue your learning, with or without us, in the years to come.

Here is a link to the website with our phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and current office hours.


· Sprachpraxis Beratung/General advising

All of the lecturers advise on all matters having to do with their own courses and related matters.
Please see Stu Watts for more general advice concerning Sprachpraxis/Academic English program, which course to do when, problems or questions, etc.

· Anerkennung Ausländischer Scheine/Recognition of Foreign or German courses or qualifications

See Stu Watts [contact]

Exemptions from/Alternatives to L&U

IBT (Internet-based) TOEFL test - minimum 88/120 points.

Cambridge FCE, CAE and CPE certificates - all minimum of C grade.

IELTS (Academic) certificate - minimum 6.0.

British/UK A-Level in English - minimum D.

US/Canadian High-school Diploma: Grade in English - minimum D (1.00-1.99).

SAT: Score in Writing - minimum 426.

'Bilinguales Abitur' (Englisch): Average of grade in English and subjects taught in English - minimum 12 points.

International Baccalaureate (IB): English Language A (HL or SL) - minimum Grade 4; English Language B (HL) - minimum Grade 4; English Language B (SL) - minimum Grade 5.

If you have one of the above certificates, and it is less than TWO years old when submitted as an exemption, please contact Stu Watts about having it accepted as an alternative to L&U. Please note: You must turn up in person, with the original certificate and proof of your identity (e.g. German ID card, passport, etc.).

Information about English Language Tests (DAAD, BVMD)

1. Only current students of Tübingen University will be tested – if you are NOT currently a student at Tübingen University, you will NOT be tested. Specifically, we test the following:

  • Current students in the English Department for any purpose and any test;
  • Students of Medicine who need to do the BVMD;
  • Students applying via the DAAD for a DAAD scholarship or work placement;
  • Other students requiring English language testing for study abroad programmes will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please note: Our test CANNOT substitute for the IBT TOEFL or other standardised tests of a similar level.

2. The test appointments are administered by the central secretaries’ sub-office of the English department – room 362, ‘Brechtbau’ (Wilhelmstr. 50). To register for a test appointment, you MUST turn up in person. Appointments will NOT be organised via e-mail or phone.
 As Covid is still a thing and we try to minmize direct contact, appointments can be made by e-mail (never by phone).

3. Please turn up to your appointment on time or early. You MUST bring the DAAD (or other) form with as well as some form of photo-ID. If you do NOT have the form and/or the photo-ID, you will NOT be tested.

4. The test will last approximately 20 minutes. Your ability to listen to, read, speak and write English will be examined. You should have a reached a level at which you could live and study in an English-speaking environment.

5. In the time leading up to the test, it is best to immerse yourself in as much English as possible – watch programmes/films in English, read newspapers/magazines/websites in English; if you have theopportunity, speak English as well.

6. Test Exemptions

If you have already studied English at university level (e.g. you are currently studying English here in Tübingen) and/or you have recently proven your English ability by passing a higher-level exam (e.g. IBT TOEFL, Cambridge Certificates, etc. – less than two years old), these grades could be used to calculate your test grades.

You should still make the usual appointment; make sure to bring any original documents with you and some form of photo-ID. If you do NOT have the original documents and/or the photo-ID, your DAAD grades will NOT be calculated.