Institute of English Languages and Literatures

Prospective Students

Both the English Department and the American Studies Program at the University of Tübingen offer a wide range of degree courses, all of which follow a similar pathway within the first two years.

In these two years you will receive a sound basis in the two key areas of study, i.e. Language Studies, encompassing the various varieties of English that have developed since the Middle Ages and are still emerging today, as well as Literary and Cultural Studies, encompassing English literatures and anglophone cultures across the globe and including North American literature and culture.

In addition, the Academic English Program builds on the English language skills already acquired in the final years of high school, allowing students to attain a high level of oral and written English and giving the support required to gain the most from the other areas of study.

Detailed information about studying in Tübingen can be found here.

How to apply for admission