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[2019-12-05]~ ‘I think that short fiction has a unique energy’: Mary O‘Donnell reading from Empire

[2018-11-22]~ The Art of Playwrighting: Marina Carr Reading from her Works

[2017-08-01]~ Handbook of the English Novel of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries

Christoph Reinfandt (Hrsg.)

The Handbook systematically charts the trajectory of the English novel from its emergence as the foremost literary genre in the early twentieth century to its early twenty-first century status of eccentric eminence in new media environments. Systematic chapters address ̒The English Novel as a Distinctly Modern Genreʼ, ̒The Novel in the Economy’, ̒Genres’, ̒Gender’ (performativity, masculinities, feminism, queer), and ̒The Burden of Representationʼ (class and ethnicity). Extended contextualized close readings of more than twenty key texts from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (1899) to Tom McCarthy’s Satin Island (2015) supplement the systematic approach and encourage future research by providing overviews of reception and theoretical perspectives.

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Also available for students

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[2017-05-04]~ Guest Lecture by Lawrence Grossberg

[2017-03-10]~ E-Publication of 'The Literary Market in the UK'

The Literary Market in the UK

edited by Amrei Katharina Nensel and Christoph Reinfandt

can be accessed and cited via the following link: