We offer the following courses in our Bachelor's programs:

E371 International Trade

Offered in summer semesters. This course will be co-taught with Valeria Merlo. For more details see link

E321 European Economic Integration

Offered in summer semesters by Peter Eppinger. For details please see the course outline.

E342 Bachelor Thesis Seminar

Offered each semester (winter and summer) on selected topics in economics, not offered in the winter semester 2022/23. Please register via the Examination Office.



We offer the following courses in our Master's programs:

E440 Multinational Enterprises

Offered in the winter term. Will not be offered in winter 2022/23.

E421/2 Global Production and Sourcing

Offered in winter semesters by Peter Eppinger. Planned also for winter 2022/23. For details please see the course outline (updated Oct 4, 2022).

E441 Advanced Microeonomics II

Offered in the summer term. For more details please see course outline

E540 Master Seminar on Globalization and International Mobility

Offered in the winter term. Will not be offered in winter 2022/23.

E442 Mathematical Methods in Advanced Microeconomics

Offered in the winter term. This is an online course, accessible via ILIAS, that will be available to students without support in winter 2022/23.

Master's thesis

We supervise Master's thesis on the topics reated to our research agenda: International trade, foreign direct investment, multinational enterprises, applied microeconomics.

Please contact us in advance if you are interested in writing your Master's thesis with us. You should indicate your preference for our chair in the survey on Master's thesis preferences, which is conducted (by the department) twice a year.

Interested candidates are then asked to send a 1-2 page proposal of their intended Master's thesis project to peter.eppingerspam by March 31st for the summer term or September 30th for the winter term. Starting dates for individual theses are flexible.

Overview of economics courses

You can find an up-to-date list on all currently offered courses in Economics here on the department website.