We offer the following courses in our Bachelor's program:

E371 International Trade

Offered in summer semesters. This course will be co-taught with Valeria Merlo and will be taught online only. For more details see link

E342 Bachelor Thesis Seminar

Offered each semester (winter and summer) on selected topics in economics. Please register via the Examination Office.



We offer the following courses in our Master's program:

E440 Multinational Enterprises

Offered in the winter term 2021/22. For details please see course outline. This course will be taught online only. All material (slides, videos, etc.) will be uploaded on Ilias. To register, please send an email to frank.staehlerspam with the subject line “E440” and you will receive the password. Registration will be possible from the 1st of September. This registration process makes sure that I will have your email addresses and can contact you also if ILIAS is down for some reason. Please note that you accept the terms and conditions of this online class when you register. In particular, you are allowed to download the videos only for yourself, but you are not allowed to share, forward or publish them in any form. For the online classes, you will need to download the video files and use a video player like the VLC player (this is free and open source cross-platform multimedia player).

E441 Advanced Microeonomics II

Offered in the summer term 2021. For more details please see course outline

E540 Master Seminar on Globalization and International Mobility

Offered in the winter term 2021/2022. Registration for this class will start on September 1. Please send an email with the subject line "Master seminar registration" to frank.staehlerspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.deFor more details please see announcement.

E442 Mathematical Methods in Advanced Microeconomics

Offered in the winter term 2021/2022. This is an online course only with live online tutorials. You can find the course outline here. The videos have been uploaded on Ilias and can be accessed at any time, see link (follow this link also for registration, note that you have to accept the terms and conditions). Tutorials will be based on students' questions. The lecture slides are available as original slides, as used in the videos (download pdf), and in a printer-friendly version (download pdf).


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