Predicting future energy supply

Nicole Ludwig is the head of the research group "Machine Learning in Sustainable Energy Systems" at the Cluster. In our latest blog post, she provides insights into her current research on building and maintaining a future sustainable energy system.

Ludwig develops models based on climate data that help predict the future energy supply

We can’t change how much the sun shines or how hard the wind will blow. But if we want to utilise renewable energy better, we need to take into account how weather and climate will change over time. Together with her team, Nicole Ludwig develops models that do just that.

At present, Ludwig is working on the interplay of weather, climate, and the energy system as well as on the uncertainties of predictive models. Models for future energy supply will always contain some level of uncertainty. “Politicians and entrepreneurs are often reluctant to base their decisions on algorithm-based models,” Ludwig says. They want clear, unambiguous statements – and that is difficult for scientists. In the coming months, Ludwig and her team plan to discuss their work more publicly and to communicate the uncertainties involved.

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