Research Funding Snacks

Sind Sie auf der Suche nach Fördermöglichkeiten für Postdocs, aber haben keine Zeit und Lust, viele Merkblätter zu lesen? Bei den Research Funding Snacks geben wir Ihnen einmal im Monat einen kurzen Einblick in verschiedene Förderprogramme und beantworten Ihre Fragen.

Was? Mitarbeitende des Dezernat Forschung informieren über verschiedene Fördermöglichkeiten für Postdocs (auf Englisch)

Wann? Am ersten Donnerstag im Monat, 12:00-12.30 Uhr (Verschiebungen wegen Ferienzeiten sind möglich, siehe untenstehende Termine)

Wo? Virtuell über Zoom, ohne Anmeldung (Zoom-Link erscheint unten nach Login mit der zdv-Kennung)

Wie? 15 Minuten Input + 15 Minuten Zeit für Fragen, einfach einloggen

Die Folien bereits vergangener Veranstaltungen können Sie am Ende nach Anmeldung mit der zdv-Kennung sehen.

Programm Research Funding Snacks

12. Oktober 2023: Support of Innovation measures at the University of Tübingen (Achtung: Datum hat sich geändert!)

InnoSparks and Innovation Grants

  • With our InnoSparks idea competition, we want to inspire all employees of the university for the topic of innovation.
  • The university's own Innovation Grant funding program is aimed specifically at postdocs. Their projects should hold the probability of being transferred within a two-year funding period.

Dr. Nora von Ameln, Industry Liaison Office

9. November 2023: How to Write a Research Proposal

We will provide a short introduction to writing a research proposal. This talk will cover the most common topics that come up when devising a proposal (research idea, identifying the right programme, creating the financial plan). It is especially helpful for researchers who are new to writing proposals.

Target group: Postdocs

Dr. Sonja Großmann, Dr. Marion Jäger, Dr. Nathalie Walker, Research Support

7. Dezember 2023: Stibet Scholarship and Workshops for PhDs / Summer & Winter Schools for Postdocs

Workshops and Summer/Winter Schools: Within the framework of the Excellence Strategy, Workshops (only for PhD students) and Summer & Winter Schools (only for Postdocs) are funded. The aim of both funding formats is to expand the interdisciplinary and international networking of young researchers in addition to their scientific and methodological skills.

Stibet Scholarships for Non-EU PhD Students: There are 3 types of short term scholarships for non-EU PhD students at the University of Tübingen: „PhD Completion Scholarships“, „Engagement Scholarships“ and „Equal Opportunities Scholarships“. We will introduce the different types of scholarships and explain who can apply for it and under which conditions.

Target group: PhD students and Postdocs

Dr. Dörte Ißleib (Industry Liaison Office), Dr. Britta Hoyer (Graduate Academy)

11. Januar 2024: Research Data Management

Research always produces data! You cannot write a successful proposal without a Research Data Management plan. We will give you a first overview on Research Data Management and the supporting structures at the University of Tübingen and beyond.

Target group: Professors, Junior Professors, Postdocs

Jennifer Esslinger, Research Data Management Support

1. Februar 2024: Funding for Junior Researchers and Eliteprogramm for Postdocs

Two funding options for Postdocs: The Program for the Promotion of Junior Researchers and the Eliteprogramm of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation. We will explain the main characteristics of the funding schemes and the application procedures.

Target Group: Postdocs, Junior professors

Dr. Sonja Großmann, Dr. Nathalie Walker, Research Support

14. März 2024: The European Research Council: Funding Schemes and Success Factors (Achtung: Datum hat sich geändert!)

ERC grants are among the most attractive and prestigious funding opportunities at European level. Completely bottom-up and excellence as sole criterion, competition is especially high. In this talk we will give you an overview of the most important features and success factors.

Target group: Postdocs, Professors, Junior Professors

Elisabeth Baier, EU Office

4. April 2024: How to apply for a DFG Individual Research Grant/Sachbeihilfe

The DFG Individual Research Grant (in German: Sachbeihilfe) is the most popular project funding from early postdoc researchers to professors. In its flexible funding modules, you can also raise funding for your own position (Eigene Stelle). We will present the particularities of the funding scheme and inform you about some do's and don'ts in writing the proposal.

Target Group: Professors, Junior Professors, Postdocs

Dr. Sonja Großmann, Dr. Nathalie Walker, Research Support

2. Mai 2024: Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions

MSCA Individual Fellowships offer Postdocs the opportunity to spend 1 to 2 years abroad. We will inform you about the characteristics of the funding scheme and answer your questions on European and Global Fellowships.

Target Group: Postdocs, Advanced PhDs

Dr. Christian Vöhringer, EU Office

6. Juni 2024: Offers of the Graduate Academy

The Graduate Academy offers a targeted program for postdoctoral researchers – the Researcher Development Program (RDP). Within the RDP we offer a range of transdisciplinary workshops focusing on topics such as leadership and career development that are free of charge for Postdocs at the University of Tübingen and the Tübingen Research Campus. Additionally, individual coaching and counselling opportunities are offered as well as 3 different certificate programs. We will introduce the program of the Graduate Academy as well as how to sign up and take part in the offers.

Dr. Britta Hoyer, Dr. Marisa Köllner, Graduate Academy

4. Juli 2024: The Startup Center of the University at your service

Whether you are looking for feedback on your startup idea from your studies or research, want to apply for startup funding, have an innovative idea and would like to evaluate its business model or are looking for support in developing a viable business model, the Startup Center offers various workshops and services to support innovation and you on your way to possibly become a founder. Want to find out more about our services? Then join the research snack session on July 4th.

Sandra Gässler, Startup Center