The motto of the University´s excellence strategy “Research – Relevance - Responsibility” can be understood as modern interpretation of “Attempto“ in a wider sense.
Taking responsibility in biomedical sciences means translating research results from basic science into the treatment of patients. The University of Tübingen has a strong history and successful track record in such translational research. Academic drug discovery is one part of the thriving biotech spin-off scene.
Currently the unique positions of TüCAD2 are RNAi-based target identification and validation strategies, fully integrated value chain from target identification up to “First into Man” strategies, access to GMP-facilities, unique and proprietary compound collections and a network of experienced staff with a strong track record.
Another focus will be coaching scientists as early as possible to streamline their work plans and experimental designs in terms of validity for academic drug discovery.

Read more: press release BIOPRO (26.09.2016)