Interdisciplinary Centre for Global South Studies

Interdisciplinary Centre for Global South Studies

The Tübingen Interdisciplinary Centre for Global South Studies is a platform for an ongoing dialogue within a network of researchers, scholars and postgraduate students from Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Europe who are engaged upon the exploration of the intellectual challenges of the Global South. The Interdisciplinary Centre supports a networking intellectual enquiry and exploratory political project that seeks to create new concepts and expanding scholarly rhizomes across the South.

The Interdisciplinary Centre hosts an MA and a structured PhD programme in Global South Studies, as well as facilitating the activities of a network of partner universities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific region (originally brought together by a BMBF-DAAD Thematic Network Project).


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Contact for International Students, Teachers and Service Staff

Ibrahima NDIAYE

"I'm in charge of the reception service for students, teachers and service staff from French-speaking countries. I've been living in Tübingen for three years and have gained experience that enables me to help on many levels (travel arrangements, finding accommodation, and staying in Tübingen). I'm also open to sharing my experiences with non-French-speaking students wishing to stay at the University of Tübingen."

   Room 03, Nauklerstr. 35
   +49 -15210647887