Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft


The project C1 aims at fulfilling two tasks, which are central to the SFB 441: First, it is responsible for the technology transfer within the SFB. It also functions as a connecting link between the methodologically and theoretically oriented A projects and the phenomenologically oriented B projects. Furthermore, C1 centralizes all research results and technologies that are important for the whole SFB. In particular, C1 supports the single projects in building, annotating, and using corpora and databases for their specific research interests. Second, C1 is responsible for the technology and data transfer to interested parties outside the SFB. C1 will integrate the data and annotation resources developed within the SFB as the Tübingen collection of reusable, empirical, linguistic data structures (TUSNELDA). Our parter project C2 will guarantee the sustainabilty and availabitity of the data by virtual access via the internet.