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Latest News and Announcements:

When the Dawn Comes - ERCCT will present documentary on Chi Chia-wei as part of Tübingen's Queer Week

In cooperation with local cinema Kino Arsenal, the ERCCT will present Zhang Hong-jie 張弘榤’s documentary „When the Dawn Comes“ on Tuesday, 26 October 2021, 5:30 p.m. 
The film tells the story of Chi Chia-wei 祁家威, the father of Taiwan’s gay rights activism, from the beginnings of his fight in the 1980s until Taiwan’s historical breakthrough with the legalisation of same-sex marriage in 2019 (view trailer). 
The screening is part of the programme of Tübingen’s Queer Week, 22 – 31 October.  
The film will be shown in Chinese with english subtitles at Kino Arsenal at Hintere Grabenstraße 20, 72074 Tübingen. Tickets are sold for 6 EUR, or 5 EUR with a student discount. 


The 4th World Congress of Taiwan Studies - 2022 at the University of Washington

The 4th World Congress of Taiwan Studies will be held at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA, from June 27th through 29th, 2022. The general theme of this Congress is Taiwan in the Making. This event is jointly hosted by the Academia Sinica and the University of Washington Taiwan Studies Program, and the general theme is “Taiwan in the Making.” Abstracts are due by October 20th, 2021 Taiwan time.

Further details at the WCTS webpage

Hung YiLing shared research project with participants of the summer term 2020's final Taiwan Colloquium

Hung YiLing 洪宜伶 Ph.D. student at Wageningen University, has presented a her Ph.D. project on food practices as embodiments of the transnational living experiences of Taiwanese in the Netherlands in the final Taiwan Colloquium of the Summer Semester 2021 on Monday, July 19. 
The talk has been recorded and can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/Xu-f62pjCvY

Alexandre Gandil (Sciences Po) presented research on Kinmen and Taiwan Strait in the Taiwan Colloquium

Alexandre Gandil, Ph.D. candidate in political science at the Centre for International Studies (CERI) at the Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po), made a very valuable contribution to the Taiwan Colloquium presenting on Monday, 12 July 2021, his research which aims at a re-conceptualization of the Taiwan Strait as border and a new understanding of cross-strait relations by focusung on the role that the Kinmen 金門 archipelago has played and continues to play in relations across the Taiwan Strait. His presentation was titled: 'Re-mapping the Taiwan Strait: Putting the "(Mainland) China / Taiwan" Framework to the Test Through the Lens of Kinmen.'

The talk has been recorded and can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/2UB1w6Vgi5I

Young Scholars Workshop 2021 held online on July 9- 10

The annual Young Scholars Workshop is usually the highlight of the summer term at the European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan (ERCCT). As the workshop had to be cancelled last year, the ERCCT team is particularly happy that the series could be resumed this year and was successfully hosted online on Friday and Saturday, July 9 – 10. 
The programme, which had to be a shortened one due to the online format and time zone differences, was made up of project presentations and research papers by four young scholars, two from Europe and two from Taiwan, a lecture on publishing for early-career scholars and a roundtable discussion on      the question: “Is Taiwan ready to face a belligerent China?”
Opening the programme, after some welcoming remarks by ERCCT Director Prof. Gunter Schubert, at 9:40 Central European Time and 15:40 Taiwan Time, was Chou Szu-Nuo 周思諾from the Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies at the University of Ottawa, introducing her Ph.D. research on the lives and memories of the first generation of mainlander women in Taiwan. Both EATS General Secretary Dr Isabelle Cheng (School of Area Studies, History, Politics & Literature, University of Portsmouth) and Dr Lara Momesso (School of Humanities, Language & Global Studies at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston) discussed the paper very constructively.
Next, Dr Julia Marinaccio from the Department of Foreign Languages (Chinese Studies) at the University of Bergen, Norway, talked about her research project on the lack of an absentee-voting system in Taiwan and Taiwan’s overseas voters. Prof. Jonathan Sullivan and Prof. Wu Chung-li 吳重禮 gave valuable advice on the project. 
The first day was then concluded by Prof. Lan Pei-Chia 藍佩嘉 (Dept. of Sociology at National Taiwan University), who gave a lecture on academic publishing for young scholars. Giving very practical and useful advice to the workshop participants, Prof. Lan focused on how to make a Ph.D. thesis into a published book. In the ensuing discussion ERCCT Director Prof. Gunter Schubert also considered strategies for publishing journal articles and the value of book chapters.
The second day started with the research paper presentation by Dr Chang Chia-Chien 張珈健 from the Graduate Institute of International Politics at National Chung Hsing University about the causation of trade wars and the recent trade war between the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China in particular. In his analysis, Dr Chang combines the domestic factor of socio-economic inequality with the international factor of faltering hegemony. Prof. Saša Istenič Kotar (Department of Asian and African Studies at the University of Ljubljana) and Prof. Chris Hughes (London School of Economics and Political Science) kindly acted as commentators. 
Leon Kunz from SOAS continued the programme with his paper on different practices of democratic deliberation in the Sunflower Movement, arguing for a distinction between strategic deliberation as exemplified by the DStreet series of public forums taking place just outside of the Legislative Yuan and prefigurative deliberation like the more radically oppositional Liberation Forum or the Big Intestine Flower deliberations. Prof. Ho Ming-sho 何明修 (Department of Sociology at National Taiwan University) and Dr Malte Kaeding (Department of Politics at the University of Surrey) discussed the paper constructively regarding both its content and possible publication.
The final roundtable discussion gathered together Prof. Chris Hughes, Prof. Leng Tse-Kang 冷則剛 (Institute of Political Science, Academic Sinica), Prof. Lin Thung-hong 林宗弘 (Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica), and Prof. Shelley Rigger (Political Science, Davidson College) to discuss a question, which Prof. Schubert raised through relating the impressions he gained in Taiwan earlier this year when Chinese naval manoeuvres and incursions into Taiwan’s Aerial Defense Identification Zone became more and more frequent, yet most of Taiwanese society displayed an attitude of indifference toward China’s menacing gestures. The question thus was whether Taiwan is ready to face a belligerent China. 
Various perspectives were taken by the panellists: Apparent indifference or unwillingness to engage in military action may be just due the fact that an actual attack does not yet seem imminent and there may well be a sudden rise of fighting spirit if or when war really is on the doorstep. But willingness to fight to defend Taiwan may also be proven to be just wishful thinking, as Taiwan’s military capabilities are no match for the PRC’s, if Taiwan is not supported by foreign powers. Accordingly, the perspective was then also broadened to emphasize that in terms of military readiness, Taiwan cannot wait until war comes, but needs to consider whether its democracy is sufficiently robust to forge a consensus on defence, Taiwan has to rethink the distribution of the national budget in regard to national security, and needs to reform its military education system to make it more attractive for capable young people to join, it also needs to include other countries in Taiwan’s defence in a comprehensive sense. Keeping in mind that it is the military who would have to go to battle in the case of an actual attack, unwavering support for the armed forces from broader society is also an important factor for Taiwan’s defence readiness. Also important, yet difficult, is the question of how to measure the will to fight. Analogies maybe useful here, it was said, and the issue of climate change may serve as an example: If too little attention is paid to climate change, then the situation may turn out to be very dangerous in the end, but if one faces it with too much panic, then policy deliberation may be ineffective. 
These expert opinions were followed by a discussion with the audience before this year’s ERCCT Young Scholars Workshop was concluded with an expression of gratitude from Prof. Schubert towards all those who have contributed to the event. 

Linh Le-Phuong Presented Her Ph.D. Research Publicly in the Taiwan Colloquium

Linh Le-Phuong from the Institute for Media Studies at KU Leuven gave a talk titled "Female migration to Taiwan in Vietnamese online media: 
changing representation, changing society?" in the Taiwan Colloquium on Monday, July 5, 2021. 

The talk has been recorded can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/nCy_FI_kzGo


Prof. Eric Cheng Gave Talk on Cross-Strait Trade in the Taiwan Colloquium

Associate Professor Eric Cheung 鄭肇祺 from the Department of Cultural Resources and Leisure Industries at National Taitung University presented his recent research project on cross-strait trade (failures) in the ERCCT Taiwan Colloquium on Monday, June 28. His presentation, titled "The Bony Milkfish Road: Cross-Strait Trade, Seafood Cultures, and Quality-Taste (Mis-)Punctuation", unraveled the story of how export of milkfish, which is a very popular food fish in southern Taiwan, failed as an export product on the mainland chinese market.  

Here is the video recording: https://youtu.be/XZ6ukO5XB_0

Dr. Magdalená Rychetská presented research on PCT in Taiwan Colloquium

On June 21, 2021, Dr. Magadaléna Rychetská from the Department of Chinese Studies at Masaryk University, Brno, gave an intriguing presentation on the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan, gaging the possibility of understanding the church's activities in a transnational perspective on interaction between both sides of the Taiwan strait. Her talk in this Taiwan Colloquium was titled: "Transnational perspective: Can research of the Presbyterian church enrich our understanding of cross-strait studies?"

The talk has been recorded and can be watched at the CCKF-ERCCT's youtube channel.

Call for Papers: Isles and Exile - the 19th Annual EATS Conference, 6 - 8 April 2022

The 19th Annual Conference of the European Association of Taiwan Studies will take place 6 - 8 April 2022 in Larnaca, Cyprus, hosted by the University of Central Lancashire. The conference theme is: Isles and Exiles. This is the Call for Papers for the event. 

During the conference, EATS will confer a Young Scholars Award, applications for which can be submitted until 15 September 2021. For details see this announcement

Lev Nachmann Presented His Research on Movement Party Formation in the Taiwan Colloquium

Dr. Lev Nachmann, the Hou Family Postdoctoral Fellow at the Harvard Fairbank Center, talked about  his research regarding political parties in contested states under the title "Everything in Moderation: The DPP's Role in Taiwan's Post-Sunflower Movement-Party Formation" in the Taiwan Colloquium session of 7 June 2021. 

Dr. Marinaccio Presented Her Research Project on Taiwan's Emigrant Electorate

Dr. Julia Marinaccio from the Department of Foreign Languages (Chinese Studies) at the University of Bergen, Norway, war our guest speaker in the Taiwan Colloquium of Monday, 17 May 2021. Dr Marinaccio intrigued the audience with a presentation of her current research project on the consequences of Taiwan's lack of an absentee voting system ("The Taiwanese emigrant electorate: Studying transnational political mobilization in the context of cross-strait relations"), exploring the cases of Taiwanese in Austria and on the chinese mainland. 

Here is the talk recording.

Visit to Partner Institutions at National Sun Yat-Sen University

On May 3rd, Prof. Gunter Schubert, ERCCT director, visited the Department of Sociology and the Institute of Political Science at National Zhongshan University in Kaohsiung, which are long-term ERCCT partner institutions. He held a talk and gave an ERCCT work report to faculty and students. Prof. Schubert, who has been in Taiwan since early March, also visited other ERCCT partners and briefed them on the ERCCT's activities under the current conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

More pictures from the event

"Taiwan's Green Parties" - Dafydd Fell Presented His New Book on Alternative Politics in Taiwan in the Taiwan Colloquium

We are glad to have had our friend Dr Dafydd Fell from the Center for Taiwan Studies at SOAS presenting his new book "Taiwan's Green Parties: Alternative Politics in Taiwan" in the opening session of the summer semester 2021 ERCCT Taiwan Colloquium on Monday, May 10, 2021! It was a very lively presentation, made all the more interesting as the author not only described the research methodoloyg and content of his book but also shared his personal motivation and connections to the field and talked about his related plans for the future. 

Here is the talk recording

IJTS Research Article Competition, 2021

The International Journal of Taiwan Studies is pleased to announce the 2021 IJTS Research Article Competition. Since its launch in 2018, IJTS (ISSN: 2468-8800, https://brill.com/view/journals/ijts/ijts-overview.xml) has established itself as a principal outlet for the dissemination of cutting-edge research on Taiwan. IJTS is the first internationally collaborative, multidisciplinary, and peer-reviewed academic research journal in English dedicated to all aspects of Taiwan studies, including social sciences, arts and humanities, and topics which are interdisciplinary in nature. To continue the development of Taiwan studies and with the financial support of the European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS), we announce a call for papers for the 2021 IJTS Research Article Competition. There are three categories of articles for entry:

•    Arts and Humanities
•    Social Sciences
•    Indigenous Studies

Each research article can only be entered in one category. IJTS Executive Editorial Board members and IJTS Advisory Board members are not eligible to enter the Competition. 

For further details see the announcement PDF!

The Taiwan Colloquium in the Summer Semester 2021

A Transnational Outlook on Cross-Strait Studies: Case Studies and New Research Approaches

The ERCCT colloquium continues to introduce the latest research on contemporary Taiwan to explore various themes, this time however, uniting contributions under the research perspective of a transnational outlook on cross-strait studies
The colloquium is again organized as a luncheon seminar with presentations. It is an online event that takes place on Mondays (with one exception) from 12.30 to 13.45. Speakers will talk for 20-30 minutes, followed by 30-40 minutes Q&A.

For details of the programme see the Taiwan Colloquium section of this website! 

Please register at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ercct-taiwan-colloquium-summer-2021-tickets-152525753635

New Resident Fellow: Judy Lee

We are very happy to welcome Ms. Judy Lee 李爾雅 to Tübingen as a new ERCCT Resident Fellow. Judy has just arrived in town a few days ago and she will start working on her Ph.D. project about how contact tracing as a measure of epidemic control might affect perceptions of democratic governance during the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. 

The ERCCT team wishes her a good start and a successful time in Tübingen!

Feb. 22 - Tseng Hsun-Hui

In the final session of the Taiwan Colloquium of the winter semester 2020-2021, Prof. Tseng Hsun-Hui 曾薰慧 from the Department of Taiwan Literature at National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, talked about her research project on Vietnamese mariage migrants engaged in Taiwan's sex entertainment industry and the ways in which they come to terms with being mothers and sex-workers at the same time. The presentation, based on longterm field research, was titled "Motherhood and Moral Economy: The Art of Negotiation of Marriage Migrants Engaged in the Sex Entertainment Industry in Taiwan".

Gwennaël Gaffric talked about Taiwanese literature in the Era of the Anthropocene

A side trip into the field of literature was made through the intriguing presentation on Monday, February 15, 2021, by Dr. Gwennaël Gaffric Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 (France). His topic was "Taiwan Literature in the Era of the Anthropocene", shedding light on how contemporary Taiwanese Literature (apart from imaginations about the Global South) engages with ecological crises. 

Beatrice Zani presented her Research on Migrant Women in Taiwan Colloquium

Dr. Beatrice Zani, visiting postdoctoral researcher at the ERCCT, on Monday, February 8, 2021, presented her fascinating research project on "Women Miggrants in Southern China and in Taiwan: Mobilities, Digital Economies, and Emotions" in the Taiwan Colloquium. 

Postgraduate Research Grant for the Study of the Tainan Region

The International Center for Tainan Area Humanities and Social Sciences Research awards a Postgraduate Research Grant for the Study of the Tainan Region, 2021, to M.A. or Ph.D. candidates in humanities or social sciences working on a porject related to Tainan. 

Please view the guideline documents in english or chinese for further details. 

Prof. Zhan Min-xu Held Talk on Imaginations of "the South" in Contemporary Taiwanese Literature in Taiwan Colloquium

Prof. Zhan Min-xu  詹閩旭 from the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature and Transnational Cultural Studies at National Chung Hsing University (Taichung) made a very interesting contribution to the Taiwan Colloquium with his talk "Taiwan Literature from a Southern Perspective" on Monday, February 1, 2021. In his talk, Prof. Zhan gave interesting insights into the motivation of contemporary writers to spell out their imaginations of the Global South. 

Lee Po-Han gave talk on Taiwan in regard to epidemiological (inter)nationalism

Prof. Lee Po-Han 李柏翰 from the Global Health Programme of National Taiwan University's College of Public Health gave a talk in the Taiwan Colloquium on Monday, January 18, 2021. Speaking on the topic of "Solidarity with whom? Repositioning Taiwan beyond the WHO's epidemiological (inter)nationalism", Prof. Lee first introduced the post-WWII international pandemic response regime with a particular focus on the International Health Regulations of 2005 and then discussed the multiple positions of Taiwan / the Republic of China in this context.

Taiwan Colloquium continued in 2021 with presentation by Hsu Chieh from ERCCT partner institution GARC at NTU

In the first Taiwan Colloquium of 2021, Ass. Prof. Hsu Chieh 徐婕 from the Global Asia Research Center at National Taiwan Universisty presented her research on experiences and changing self-conceptions of Taiwanese and and Chinese female marriage migrants to Germany in Zoom on Monday, 11. January 2021. Her presentation was titled 'The Path to an Occupation: The (Early) Experiences of Highly Skilled Taiwanese and Chinese "Wives" in Germany'. 

The Taiwan Colloquium in the Winter 2020/2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world with unforeseeable speed and dimension since the beginning of 2020. Amid the pandemic, we have come to realize the significance and urgency of understanding Taiwan from social, political and historical perspectives more than ever. Against this background, the ERCCT colloquium continues to introduce the latest research on contemporary Taiwan to explore various themes, such as aboriginal peoples, global mobility, and literature.
This colloquium is organized as a luncheon seminar with presentations. It is an online event that takes place on Mondays from 12.30 to 13.45. Speakers will talk for 20-30 minutes, followed by 30-40 minutes Q&A.

For details of the programme see the Taiwan Colloquium section of this website! 

Please register at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ercct-colloquium-tickets-127309061831

Taiwan Colloq. on Musical Journeys of Luo Dayu and Teresa Teng

On Monday, December 14, Ass. Prof. Cheng Chen Ching 鄭楨慶 from the Department of Journalism and Communication at Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong, made a most interesting contribution to the Taiwan Collquium in presenting his research on the specifics of Teresa Teng'S and Lo Da-yu's musical development in the larger context of the cold war and post-cold war eras and chinese national identities. 

Dec. 7 - Zhu Yifei

On Monday, December 7, Mr. Zhu Yifei 朱奕飛  from the  Graduate School of East Asian Studies at Freie Universität Berlin presented his Ph.D. research project in the Taiwan Colloquium. His presentation was titled "Developmentalism Across the Strait: An Institutionalist Explanation of Taiwan’s Economic Policy toward China between 1990 and 2016" and lively discussed by the audience.



TAITRA Has Launched Website Offering Resources to Fight Covid-19

Under the headline "We're in this Fight Together", the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)  has launched a Taiwan Global Anti-Covid-19 Pavillion, a websiteoffering information on Taiwan's anti-Covid-19 resources in English, which can be found at https://www.anti-covid-19.tw 

For more information, please download the following documents: 


The 18th Annual Conference of the European Association of Taiwan Studies

Our friends at the European Association of Taiwan Studies annonce that the 18th EATS Annual Conference is now open for abstract submission. The conference is held on 15-17 April 2021 at Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic. The theme of the conference is 'Taiwan in Transition'.The 2021 Young Scholar Award is also open for submission. The deadline for both submissions is 15 September 2020. The call for papers for the conference can be found here and the YSA announcement can be found here. Please click here for the submission form for regular panels and YSA competition and here for submission form for MA panels.  

Short-Term Resident Fellow Progam 2020-2021 Open for Applications

Applications to the Short-Term Resident Fellow Programme, November 2020 to March 2021 period, are now accepted until August 15, 2020! Under this programme, we welcome Ph.D. or postdoc researchers to join the CCKF-ERCCT for a period of between three and six months and grant them a monthly stipend of 350 EUR plus a 500 EUR travel grant, as the pandemic situation is under control in Tübingen and south-western Germany.

For more information on the programme please refer to the Short-Term Resident Fellow Programme Section of this website and see the announcement or write an e-mail to stefan.braig@uni-tuebingen.de

Applications welcome for the Visiting Fellow Programme of the winter semester 2020-21

Ph.D students or postdortoral fellows from our Taiwanese partner insitutions interested in the Visiting Fellow Programme, please note that the ERCCT now accepts applications for the coming winter semester. 

For information on the programme please see the Visiting Fellow Programme section of this website or see this announcement

Taiwanese Films and Expert Talk: Taiwan, Then and Now

On Wednesday, June 24, 2020, the ERCCT, in cooperation with China Centrum Tübingen (CCT), hosted an online talk and discussion with Chris Berry, professor of film studies at King's College London. Entitled "Modernity, Gender, Sexuality: Social Values in Taiyupian", the talk referred to two Taiwanese movies that are part of the project on taiyupian  台語片, "Taiwan's Lost Commercial Cinema" (by film scholars Prof. Berry and Dr. Ming-Yeh Rawnsley). One was "Foolish Bride, Naive Bridegroom" 三八新娘憨女婿, a comedy from 1967 by Xin Qi, and the second, "Like Father, Like Daughter" 前世情人的情人, was a modern sequel to the first. Both films have been available to registered users to be viewed online for four days prior to the event.  

Prof. Hsieh Hsin-Chin Gave a Lecture at the ERCCT

Prof. Hsieh Hsin-chin 謝欣芩 from the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Culture at National Taipei University of Education gave a public talk at the ERCCT on Thursday, February 6, 2020. She talked about "Worlding Taiwan: Migration, Transnationality and Contemporary Cultural Production", a topic that also made for a wonderful introduction to our up-coming 14th Taiwan Documentary Film Festival

Prof. Hsieh Hsin-chin Presented Her Research in the Taiwan Colloquium

On Monday, February 3, 2020, our visiting scholar Prof. Hsieh Hsin-chin 謝欣芩 from the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Culture at National Taipei University of Education presented her current research on the intriguing topic of "Visualizing Migration: Family, Intimacy and Gender Politics of Southeast Asian Marriage Migration in Contemporary Taiwan". 

Drawing on the theoretical foundation of Transnational Feminism, Prof. Hsieh compared the potrayal of marriage migrants in documentaries by Taiwanese filmmakers on the one hand and by filmmaking marriage migrants like Nguyen Kim Hong on the other.

Welcoming Prof. Hsieh Hsin-chin

Prof. Hsieh Hsin-chin 謝欣芩 from the Graduate Institute of Taiwanese Culture at National Taipei University of Education has just arrived in Tübingen on Monday, January 27, 2020. She will stay at the ERCCT as a visiting scholar until February 9. The ERCCT team conveys a warm welcome and wishes her a pleasant stay in Tübingen!

Jan. 20 - Lin GuoTing (Visiting Fellow)

On Monday, January 20, 2020, our Visiting Fellow Lin Guoting 林果葶 from the Communication and Media Research Institute at the University of Westminster presented her Ph.D. research project "Indigenous Music and Social Media in Contemporary Taiwan: Rethinking the Identity of Taiwanese Indigenous people" to ERCCT Fellows. The presentation, featuring many interesting examples as well as detailing a sound research framework, fascinated the audience and led to a very fruitful discussion. 

EATS 2020 Fieldwork Grant

The European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS) announces that its EATS Fieldwork Grant for the year 2020 is now open for applications! Please refer to the announcement file for details!


Dr. Lara Momesso held public talk on social activism of marriage migrants in Taiwan and their husbands

On Monday, December 17, 2019, Dr. Lara Momesso, who is a Lecturer in Asia Pacific Studies at the University of Central Lancashire, but also an Associate Fellow and good friend of the ERCCT, fascinated her audience with a public talk on "Allying with patriarchy: the role of Taiwanese husbands in shaping marriage migrants’ civic activism in Taiwan", a topic that has so far been neglected by the literature on marriage migration in Taiwan. 

Here are some photos of the event.


International Workshop on Taiwan under the First Tsai-Administration held Dec. 13-14

In cooperation with the University of Nottingham and with generous support from the Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Resarch Center on Contemporary Taiwan – A CCK Foundation Overseas Center (CCKF-ERCCT) at the University of Tübingen, Germany, from 13-14 December, 2019 hosted an international workshop on “Taiwan under the  first Tsai Ing-wen administration”. Internationally renowned Taiwan Studies scholars spoke on a variety of topics including the development of Taiwan’s political system, societal developments and conflicts as well as Taiwan’s foreign relations. The book to come out of this workshop will cover 15 topical chapters. The CCKF-ERCCT for its part hereby continues a tradition that started with our review of the Ma Ying-jeou administration.