Prof. Hsieh Hsin-Chin 謝欣芩


Prof. Hsieh Hsin-Chin 謝欣芩


Home Institiution:

Graduate Institute of Taiwanese Culture at National Taipei University of Education

Duration of Stay:

January 27 to February 10, 2020


Hsin-Chin Evelyn Hsieh is Assistant Professor of Graduate Institute of Taiwanese Culture at National Taipei University of Education, and also serves as the Secretary-General of Association for Taiwan Literature since 2018. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in East Asian Languages and Literatures from University of Oregon, U.S.A. Her research interests include contemporary Taiwan literature, film and documentary, migration studies, Sinophone studies, and women studies, particularly looking at the relation between contemporary cultural production and the inbound and outbound migration of Taiwan. Her dissertation examines the representation of the transforming family and the reinvention of home-ness through migrant women’s lens in contemporary Sinophone and Chinese literature and film. She is the recipient of the 2019 Young Scholar Fellowship (Einstein Program) from Ministry of Science and Technology, and currently conducting multiple research projects on Taiwanese American literature and the cinematic representations of migrants’ lived experiences and transnationality in contemporary Taiwan cinema. She has published articles on China Information, Chinese America: History and Perspectives, and Tamkang Journal of Chinese Literature, etc. Prior to joining NTUE, she taught at Wesleyan University, U.S.A.