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The College of Fellows (CoF) is the Tübingen model of a university-based Institute for Advanced Studies. It is addressed to all international postdocs and research fellows at the University of Tübingen. As a platform for research, networking and events, the CoF furthermore invites all university members to actively participate in shaping the international and interdisciplinary exchange within the university and with the public.
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► 26 January 2023: Lunch Talk with Professor Mohammed Ech-Cheikh

► 31 January 2023: GIP Lecture with Professor Daisuke Kamei

► 7 February 2023: Global Encounters Lecture with Dr Abbed Kanoor

8 February 2023: Humboldt Lecture Series with Professor Han-luen Kantzer Komline and Dr Diana Liao

23 February 2023: GIP Lecture with Professor Mathias Obert

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Past Events

4 November 2022: Semester Opening Event

"Global Challenges - The Role of Institutes of Advanced Studies"

On 4 November 2022, the College of Fellows invited all international visiting fellows and postdocs of the University of Tübingen and all interested parties to the 'Alte Aula' to get to know the College of Fellows, to find out about opportunities to become actively involved in the CoF and to network with other international scholars at the University of Tübingen.

Following an impulse lecture by Professor Alexander Easton (Director of the IAS of the University of Durham), the participants were invited to a joint discussion on the opportunities of interdisciplinary and international exchange and to a small "get together".

28.–29. September 2022: Postdoc Days 2022

The Graduate Academy and the Research Funding Office, in cooperation with the faculties and central supporting structures, put together a diverse program with virtual and in-person meetings for the Postdoc Days 2022. The College of Fellows was present with an information stand at the "Get together" in the "Alte Aula" on 28 September, informing participants about its work and role as a university-based Institute for Advanced Studies.

CIN Dialogue 2022

The CIN Dialogue 2022 took place on 07.07.2022 under the title "Love in Culture and the Brain". Professor Eva Illouz and Professor Larry Young led a discussion moderated by Dr Alison Abbott.

Brochure of the CIN Dialogue 2022 for download here.

A report on the event in the "Schwäbisches Tagblatt" can be found here.

You can find further information and impressons in our events-archive.

Summer Lecture 2022

On 1 June 2022, French anthropologist Professor Philippe Descola held the Summer Lecture 2022 organised by the College of Fellows, entitled “The multiple births of naturalism”. Descola’s lecture gave a profound, detailed, and concise insight into his comparative anthropological research, which focuses on the description of four major ontologies – animism, totemism, analogism, and naturalism – and their lifeworldly basis which he describes with the term ‘worlding’.

You can find further information on our Summer Lecture in our events-archive.


Opening Ceremony

On 28 April 2022, the College of Fellows was officially inaugurated. In her opening address, vice-president Professor Monique Scheer highlighted that the University of Tübingen by founding the College of Fellows offers its many outstanding international guest researchers an academic home beyond their respective disciplinary affiliation. This, Professor Scheer said, will significantly increase the visibility of the international guests.

See further information and impressions of the opening ceremony below:

Opening Ceremony

Professor Sheer emphasized that the College of Fellows adapts the idea of classical Institutes for Advanced Studies in that it is aimed specifically at visiting scientists coming to Tübingen from abroad and primarily targets younger researchers at the post-doc level. She called on all members of the University to get involved in the work of the College of Fellows and to participate in the events.

Dr. Weidtmann, who has been appointed as the founding director of the College of Fellows, emphasized the interdisciplinary and global orientation of the institution. According to his ideas, the College of Fellows should also offer space to discuss globally pressing questions in a cross-disciplinary exchange and to search for completely new answers. In this way, the College of Fellows could also provide impulses for the university and society.

The keynote address was given by Professor Garsten, Principal of the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies. She recalled the founding idea of the Institutes for Advanced Studies, the first of which was established at Princeton University in 1930, but also called for readiness for change. Those who want to keep the idea of the IAS’s alive must be prepared to constantly develop their structures. She compared the concept of IAS’s to that of political think tanks. Both, she said, are places where leading minds from science and politics, respectively, come together to provide decisive impetus for their respective fields. On the occasion of the ceremonial opening of the College of Fellows, modern jazz sounds could be heard in the venerable "Großer Senat", much to the delight of the large audience.