Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics


Teaching award for the Mathematics Department: 2021, the University of Tübingen's teaching award will go to Stefan Keppeler, Hannah Markwig, Thomas Markwig and Roderich Tumulka from the Department of Mathematics. In mathematics education, the examination of mathematical concepts and methods in private study by regularly working on tasks as well as the discussion of one's own solution approaches with fellow students and critical feedback on the finished solutions plays a central role. The award winners were honoured for their teaching-learning concept, which ensures this exchange in a purely digital teaching-learning format. In addition to the four award winners, many other faculty members were involved in the implementation. (Press release on the Teaching Award 2021)

1st Erich Kamke Kolloquium: The Department of Mathematics will start a new colloquium series, in which renowned speakers will report once a year on current results that have attracted particular attention. The first speaker will be Bernd Sturmfels, Director at the MPI for Mathematics in the Sciences (Leipzig) and Professor at UC Berkeley. He will report on 19 November 2021 (2 pm, in N14) on current issues in algebraic statistics with a physical perspective. 

According to the most recent Corona regulations the Mathematics and Physics Library opens from Thu 11 March. Special regulations apply.

On initiative of the Family Office the President's Office announces the Corona-Notprogramm Familie (more in German).

The university provides detailed information on on measures due to the corona/COVID-19 crisis, the department on the pages for students

Consequences of this decision for individual courses and exams are provided by your lecturers, e.g. on the respective course webpages.

Welcome to the University of Tübingen's Department of Mathematics!

Here at the Department of Mathematics, we live and breathe one of the oldest sciences of all. Both Mathematics and Physics have a long tradition in Tübingen, where they have been taught since the early 16th century. They were a faculty in their own right until 2010, and now Mathematics and Physics are Departments within the University of Tübingen's broad-based Faculty of Science.

Our working groups in Pure and Applied Mathematics cover a wide spectrum of mathematical disciplines. They carry out high-quality research and maintain excellent networks across the University as well as nationally and internationally.

More than one thousand students are currently enroled in our Department. We offer Bachelor's and Master's degree courses with a high level of flexibility. Our Mathematics teacher-training degree is also very popular with students. Doctoral studies and postdoctoral lecture qualifications are available in all the branches of Mathematics represented in our Department. We also provide Mathematics classes to supplement studies in other subjects.

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