Department of Mathematics

Information and programmes for high school students and teachers

Permanent exhibition Mind and Shape

Since the winter term 2016/17 there is the permanent exhibition Mind and Shape at the department of mathematics, which offers interesting insights in the world of mathematics, on the one hand by unique historic mathematical models, on the other hand by an interactive programme. It is adressed to scientists as well as people without mathematical background. For school classes guided tours are offered.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Frank Loose

Day of Mathematics

Since many years the universities in Badem-Württemberg offer every year state wide at a fixed date the Day of Mathematics. At the University of Tübingen interested high school students have the opportunity to compete with other students from many places in Baden-Württemberg in a mathematical competition, to learn more about mathematics in accompanying lectures and to get information on the study programmes of the department of mathematics.

Mathematics between school and university

The working group Mathematics between School and University consists of representatives from school, from the State Seminar of Didactics and Teacher Education and from the university and organizes regularly in the winter term a series of talks focussing on the interplay of school and university. Didactical questions are addressed as well as scientific questions in mathematics or curricular issues at school and university likewise. The talks are addressed to students, school and university teachers and everyone else who is interested.

Junior Studies

For particularly talented high school students, who are capable of intensively studying topics of university mathematics besides visiting school and possibly can attend selected courses at the department of mathematics or work on those in distance study, there is the possibility to do so in the framework of Junior Studies. A recommendation from their mathematics teacher and the school director is required as well as a personal letter of motivation and an in-depth counselling by the dean of academic affairs of the department of mathematics. Accepted students will have access to the library and other facilities. Questions concerning Junior Studies may be addressed to the dean of academic affairs. The application form and further detailed information can also be found on the University's website for junior studies.

BW² – Sample exercises from studies

On the platform BW² - sample exercises from studies, there are numerous exercises relating to courses in which one can acquire a first university degree, including the Bachelor courses of the Mathematics Department at the University of Tübingen. There is an entry page with basic information for every degree programme. Then you get to the sample exercises. The contents are selected in such a way that they provide an insight into the main subject areas and methods of the respective degree programme. There is feedback or further explanations to solve the individual exercises.

Universitywide offers

Besides the specific offers from the department of mathematics mentioned above the university organizes a number of other interesting programmes for high school students as well as for teachers in which the department of mathematics is involved regularly.