Department of Mathematics

Information for prospective students

Why should one study mathematics?

Mathematics is a key technology. Computers, secure data transfer, weather forecast, digital image processing, risk management and much more are inconceivable without mathematics. The graduates of our scientific degree programmes are in demand and have excellent career prospects. Typical professional fields are banks, insurance companies and management consultancies, but mathematicians also work for Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn, the large automobile manufacturers and actually all well-known large companies. Likewise, the prospects of being accepted into school service are still excellent for graduates of our Master of Education courses.Interesting case studies can be found in the form of specific professional portraits on the website of the German Mathematical Society.

Trial studies

The trial studies of the University of Tübingen offer prospective students the opportunity to get first insights in the course of studying at a university.


The university offers an online self-assessment (in German only) for prospective students which gives information on the study in general and on the study programmes in particular. The self-assessment gives feed back on how appropriate the own expectations on the study and the study programmes are. The department of mathematics together with the Hector research institute of education sciences and psychology has developed such a self-assessment for the Bachelor of Science Mathematik as well as for the Bachelor of Education, which we recommend our prospective students. Among others the following questions are addressed:

Besides, the self-assessment addresses typical misconceptions about studying mathematics.

BW² – Sample exercises from studies

On the platform BW² - sample exercises from studies, there are numerous exercises relating to courses in which one can acquire a first university degree, including the Bachelor courses of the Mathematics Department at the University of Tübingen. There is an entry page with basic information for every degree programme. Then you get to the sample exercises. The contents are selected in such a way that they provide an insight into the main subject areas and methods of the respective degree programme. There is feedback or further explanations to solve the individual exercises.

Bachelor study programmes

Facilitating the transition from school to university

The department offers several additional courses before the start of the studies and during the first semesters which should facilitate the transition from school to university. This is supplemented by structures for individual study guidance.


If you have questions about the study programmes at the department or about studying in Tübingen in general, do not hesitate to contact either of the following:

The MNF's advice guide is also highly recommended. There you will find a lot of helpful information bundled as well as links to the most important other offers of help.