Department of Mathematics

Bachelor of Science Mathematik

The important facts

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Duration of the Programme: 6 semesters
Starting: winter semester and summer semester
Admission Restriction: none
Languages of Instruction: German, in the 3rd year some courses might be given in English
Subsidiary Subject / Minor: None is mandatory, however in the section Elective Specialisation (Freier Wahlbereich) modules from other degree programmes can be studied.
Consecutive Study Programmes: Master of Science Mathematik,
Master of Science Mathematical Physics
Examination Regulations: The examination regulations can be found in the column on the right.
Module Handbook: The module handbook can be found in the column on the right.
Study Plans: The study plans can be found in Section 2 in the module handbook.
Weitere Informationen:
Application: Admission web page of the university

Short description of the study programme

The focus of the compulsory part of the study programme Bachelor of Science Mathematik is clearly theoretical. It offers a well funded broad education in the basics of mathematics. The electable specialization part of the study programme ("Freier Wahlbereich") offers the students the opportunity to either delve into a certain branch of mathematics or alternatively attend courses of other departments in the extent of a subsidiary subject. The first opportunity is especially suitable for a consecutive master study or a PhD in mathematcs, the second one prepares for professions outside university.

The professional orientation is further enhanced by the part of courses beyond the mathematical education. In this section called "Überfachliche berufsfeldorientierte Kompetenzen" modules offered in the framework of the Studium Professionale of the unversity can be selected as well as certain modules offered by the department for example an internal or external internship.

During the first two years the central part of the study is clearly structured by compulsory modules. These lay the foundations in Anaysis, (Linear) Algebra and the application oriented fields of Numerics and Stochastics. In the third year students can choose from the large variety of courses offered by the different research areas in the department to specialise according to their personal preferences. In the electable specialization part and the non-mathematical part of the study this freedom is given right from the first semester.

The Bachelor of Science Mathematik leads to two consecutive master study programmes at the mathematical department in Tübingen, the Master of Science Mathematics and the Master of Science Mathematical Physics, the latter taught in English. Students who are interested in the latter are recommended to use the elective specialisation part of the study programme to acquire basic knowledge in physics.

All examinations are taken alongside the studies, usually in the semester break. The exams in the main modules of the first year, Analysis and Linear Algebra, are oral exams at the end of the second semester; exams in higher semesters are partly written partly oral.

The study programme distinguishes itself by great freedom of choice and flexibility. Detailed information is offered at the beginning of the study. For details about the individual parts of the study programme, regular informative presentations are held by the department. For further information students may ask the department's counselling office as well as the dean of academic affairs.

Application and admission

The study program Bachelor of Science Mathematik has no admission restriction. Information on the application process can be found on the university's application web page. If there are any questions or problems students may also consult the department's counselling office or the dean of academic affairs.