Department of Mathematics

Bachelor of Science Mathematics (PO 2008 - Admission until WS 2016/17)

The important facts

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Duration of the Programme: 6 semesters
Starting: winter semester and summer semester
Admission Restriction: none
Languages of Instruction: German, in the 3rd year some courses might be given in English
Subsidiary Subject / Minor: None is mandatory, however in the section Elective Specialisation (Freier Wahlbereich) modules from other degree programmes can be studied.
Consecutive Study Programmes: Master of Science Mathematics,
Master of Science Mathematical Physics
Examination Regulations: The examination regulations can be found in the column on the right.
Module Handbook: The module handbook can be found in the column on the right.
Study Plans: The study plans can be found below.
Further Information: Information of the examination board

Short description of the study programme

The bachelor studies consist of modularised courses which are divided into lectures with exercises and seminars . In the first year the most important modules are the analysis and the linear algebra modules.

The following table shows the study plan:

This plan is to be read lhe following way: In the first semester every student attends the lecture with exercises in linear algebra as well as analysis. Any of the modules contains 4 hours of lectures plus 2 hours of exercises per week (4+2) and provides 11 ECTS credits. In addition further, not necessarily mathematical, modules can be studied in the compulsory optional part (WP). This compulsory optional part consists of 30 ECTS for the entire bachelor studies and can be filled wih modules offered by the department of mathematics or by other departments, in particular by the following ones:

For the economical sciences there are special regulations by the economical sciences. They can be found on the web pages of the head of the examinations board (in German only).

In addition interdisciplinary soft skill modules may be taken. In total this part must not exceed 6 ECTS credits for the entire bachelor studies.