Bachelor of Education Höheres Lehramt an beruflichen Schulen mit der beruflichen Fachrichtung Sozialpädagogik/Pädagogik

The important facts

Degree: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
Duration of the Programme: 6 semesters
Starting: winter- and summer semester
Admission Restriction: yes
Languages of Instruction: German
First Subject: Social Pedagogy / Pedagogy
Consecutive Study Programmes: Master of Education (Höheres Lehramt an beruflichen Schulen)
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Modul Handbook: The module handbook for the subject mathematics can be found in the column on the right.
Study Plans: The study plans can be found in Section 2 in the module handbook.
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Short description of the study programme

The study programme Bachelor of Education Höheres Lehramt an beruflichen Schulen mit der beruflichen Fachrichtung Sozialpädagogik / Pädagogik is the first part of a consecutive teacher education programme (Bachelor of Science with consecutive Master of Education) with the professional profile subject social pedagogy / pedagogy and a general secondary subject for higher teaching at professional schools. Mathematics can be chosen to be this secondary subject.

The study programme lasts 6 semesters. The general university entrance qualification (Abitur or comparable school leaving certificate) is required. An internship of at least a few weeks at a kindergarten, a nursery school or another family supplementing children day care is recommended. A school internship is not explicitly demanded, however, if the professional school system is not familiar, it is also recommended.

During the study programme there are 180 credit points (CP) to be attained. 102 CP fall upon the professional subject social pedagogy / pedagogy (93 CP scientific, 9 CP didactic), 60 CP upon the secondary subject (51 CP scientific, 9 CP didactic), 12 CP upon the educational sciences part and 6 CP upon the bachelor thesis. Additional information is available on the web page of the pedagogy department about the study programme (see above).

In mathematics the students learn the basics of Analysis and Linear Algebra as well as numerics and geometry. Furthermore they get an introduction in either algebra or stochastics and get used to the fundamental terms of mathematical didactics.

The study plan for mathematics as secondary subject looks as follows:

Sem. Module Vol. C/CP CP

Analysis 1 für B.Ed.




1. Lineare Algebra 1 für B.Ed. 4+2 C 8

Analysis 2 für B.Ed.




2. Lineare Algebra 2 für B.Ed 4+2 CO* 7
3. Numerik 4+2 C 10
3. Fachdidaktik Lineare Algebra und Analysis 2 C 3
5. Geometrie 4+2 C 9
5.-6. Fachdidaktik Geometrie und Stochastik 2+2 CO** 6
5.-6. Fachdidaktik Geometrie und Algebra 2+2 CO** 6
6. Stochastik 4+2 CO** 9
6. Algebra 4+2 CO** 9


(if it is written in the secondary general-educating subject mathematics)

  Sum:     60+6

Abreviations and Annotations:

Application and admission

The study programme Bachelor of Education im Höheren Lehramt an beruflichen Schulen has an admission restriction. Information on the application process can be found on the university's application web page. If there are any questions or problems students may also consult the department's counselling office, the responsible study advisor or the dean of academic affairs.