Department of Mathematics

Trial studies at the department of mathematics

The trial studies are an opportunity to get a first insight in the course of studying at a university way before the start of the study. The department of mathematics offers two options, the trial week and the trial studies.

Trial week

In the framework of the trial studies the department offers a half-day programme every winter semester. In the Winter Semester 2018/19 this is on Monday, the 29th October 2018, from 8am to 12pm. For participation an application is necessary. Further information will be available on the following web site.

08-10am Interaktive Workshop: What is mathematics?
10-11am Visit of the lecture Analysis 1
11-12am Information on the study programmes in mathematics

Trial studies

In addition, there is the possibility to visit single courses during the semester. Visiting lectures needs no prior application, however we recommend to contact the dean of study affairs in advance, to check, whether the visit at the desired time is sensible regarding the contents of the lecture, and to possibly arrange an appointment for study advise. The campus map is available under the following link.)

If you are interested in studying mathematics in the summer semester the following lectures are suited:

If you are interested in studying natural sciences in the summer semester the following lectures for beginners are suited:

Furthermore, attending an exercise class or a proseminar might be interesting. These are two types of courses, taking place in small groups where the students take an active part. Because of this it is necessary to apply in advance and to arrange the visit with the supervisor of the course. If you are interested in visiting an exercise class or a proseminar you should contact the dean of academic affairs. Most exercise classes and proseminars are held in the afternoon.

Further Information

Further information about the trial studies can be found under the following links: