Hector Research Institute of Education Sciences and Psychology

Tübingen Postdoctoral Academy for Research on Education (PACE)

The Tübingen Postdoctoral Academy for Research on Education (PACE) supports postdoctoral scholars in the early phase after their doctorate. Our goal is to prepare scholars for independent, interdisciplinary research in the field of Education Sciences and for a possible career as a professor.

PACE includes the following elements:

  1. Selection process: Up to 15 highly qualified research scientists of the Hector Research Institute as well as associated members of the LEAD Research Network, who have generally received their PhD within the last 24 months, are selected. In addition, external postdoctoral scientists are welcome to submit an application.
  2. Further qualification: All selected postdocs will be able to use at least 50% of their working time for their own personal scientific qualification (for example, work on publications or other continuing education).
  3. Duration of membership: two years, with the possibility of extension.
  4. Structured mentoring program with regular feedback, clear objectives, and measures to support continual development.
  5. Training program with workshops in various subdisciplines (for example, on methodologically robust research designs and advanced statistical analysis techniques), courses and interdisciplinary discussion forums.
  6. Career support measures (such as professional training in the third-party fundraising, project management, job application coaching and leadership seminars).
  7. Internationality: A network of international contacts facilitates lab rotations and stays abroad. Furthermore, internationally visible professors are invited to Tübingen for lectures and collaboration with them during their stay is promoted.
  8. Integration with LEAD: Systematic integration into the LEAD Graduate School & Research Network, which also includes co-supervision of a LEAD PhD candidate.