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A European Theory-Practice Collaboration for Adaptive Teaching (E-ADAPT)

Big Questions Need Integrated Answers

For more than 20 years, international comparative studies have shown that many students in European countries do not have the key basic skills in literacy and numeracy they need to participate fully in society. The main focus of this project is on adaptive teaching that succeeds in continuously supporting ALL learners to reach their full potential, and which is already increasingly becoming a reality in countries like Estonia and Finland.

Within the framework of the project, funded by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) (for the Swiss partners by the Jacobs Foundation), the realisation of adaptive teaching is regarded as a joint European project in which around three dozen partners from science and professional practice from seven European countries work together to provide an international, multidisciplinary perspective.

The goals of the project are (1) to achieve sustainable standards for the cooperation of research and education administration, (2) to establish a trans-European scientific network on adaptive teaching, and (3) to engage in intensive exchange with policymakers and interested members of the public through digital channels and in town hall meetings.

Cooperation Partners